Provides an overview of everything that happened in the background, since you started DeepMeta.
The Preferences window allows you to login to Getty ESP/Contribute, as well as change all settings for DeepMeta
Once you've prepared your files locally, you can have DeepMeta upload them all in one go.
Consult all reviews of your accepted and rejected files, given by Getty Images inspectors.
Batches are the official way of grouping your files for upload to Getty Images
The Files section
The 'Files' section is similar to the Finder (maxOS) or File Explorer (Windows). It shows all or a subset of your files in DeepMeta.
Model and property releases can be managed and stored by DeepMeta for future use.
Synchronize your data from the Getty Images server to your local DeepMeta instance.
DeepMeta can sync all boards you created on the and websites and use them for statistics.
How to make regular backups of your local DeepMeta data.

Import & export

Export data
You can export all or a selection of your local DeepMeta data to CSV/TSV files or the clipboard.
Import files
How to import files - images, video and illustrations to DeepMeta, using the 'Add' button, drag & drop or a CSV file.


Editing files
The File Details panel allow you to add or edit all releavant metadata for your images, illustrations or video
Multi-edit & Undo
Edit multiple files in one go, combined with powerful undo/redo.
Copy & Paste
DeepMeta has smart copy-paste functionality that understands your metadata.

Installing DeepMeta

Installing DeepMeta software
Detailed procedure for installing DeepMeta software on your PC or Mac.


Statements & Sales
Royalty Statements and Sales are 2 sections which contain the data used for all statistics functionality in DeepMeta
Sales and upload statistics are available throughout many of the sections of DeepMeta
Download your Royalty Statements
This quide walks you through the steps to download your Royalty Statements from the Getty ESP website, so you can import them in DeepMeta

Login & access

How to configure DeepMeta to login to your Getty Image ESP account, needed to sync data and upload your files.


DeepMeta fully supports Creative and Custom Content briefs.