The key to being successful in Microstock is to provide artwork that's actually needed by clients. Coming up with high quality images, illustrations and video is the core of our creative process, and it's good to get some help with finding out what the market needs.

Getty Images provides some wonderful resources in helping contributors in this process. One of these tools are Briefs, shared on a regular basis, outlining opportunities and areas that are currently in high demand.

There are 2 types of Brief:

  • Creative Briefs: Each such brief describes a high-demand subject, giving directions on what exactly clients are requesting. These types of briefs can be open to Exclusive iStock and Getty Images contributors, or to non-exclusive contributors as well. This is indicated in the brief summary.
  • Custom Content Briefs: These are very specific briefs from one particular client, usually with a strict deadline. Such briefs are open to Exclusive iStock and Getty Images contributors only. Here's a dedicated section on the Getty Images site with all details.

Fetching briefs

Briefs are fetched from the Getty Images server as part of the Sync operation.

Make sure to tick the checkbox "Fetch Briefs" so that the next Sync operation fetches the latest Briefs from the server. The first time you do this, all current briefs are fetched. Subsequent syncs will just do a quick check and update what has changed.

Briefs that have expired (their Deadline date has passed) are shown with the 'Closed' status and creating a related batch is prevented. At each Sync, all expired briefs are completely removed, so that your Briefs list is always fresh and current.

The Briefs section

In the left-hand menu: click 'Briefs':

This brings up the 'Brief' list:

As with all lists in DeepMeta, you can use the usual sorting and filtering options. Click one of the list headers to sort by that column and/or enter a search word in the search box at the top right of the DeepMeta window to filter the list.

The search feature will filter by following Brief fields:

  • Brief code
  • Title
  • Description of the brief, as shown in the right-hand preview pane

Use the top filter boxes to show just the desired brief type (Creative, Custom Content) and media type (Images, Video, Illustrations)

In the example below, we selected to see only Creative Video briefs:

Participating in a brief

When you find a brief that you're interested participating in, review the detailed information in the right hand panel.

You can also click the blue button "View on ESP site" in the right-hand preview, to open your browser on the detailed Getty Images page for that brief. It contains the authoritative information for the brief.

To participate: click one of the 3 orange buttons, labeled "Create batch". Only the buttons for the relevant media type (Image, Video, Illustration) are enabled.

DeepMeta knows your Exclusivity status for each of the types, as well as the Brief requirements, and will make sure you can only create a batch for the brief when allowed.

Creating a batch for the brief

Here's what the "Create Batch" window looks like for a Creative Brief:

The Brief Code has been prefilled and locked, and a suitable Title has been chosen.

The Media type (Image, Video, Illustration) is preselected and locked. If you like, you can change the Title Click OK to create the batch and start adding files:

Below is what the "Create Batch" window looks like for a Custom Content Brief:

A Custom Content label reminds you this is a Custom Content Brief batch.

The Media Type, Brief Code and Title have been prefilled and locked. You cannot change the Title. Click OK to create the batch and start adding files:

Brief keywords

To help you with your submission, Getty Images makes sure to tag each brief with relevant keywords.

DeepMeta automatically copies these keywords to each file you add to the batch for such a brief. All you need to do is finish disambiguation and remove the ones that don't apply to your specific file.

Files in the batch

To avoid confusion for the review team, files in a Batch that has a Brief Code specified cannot have a different brief code. An error is given, explaining the issue:

DeepMeta helps with this by automatically setting the correct Brief Code for all files added to the batch.