In the left-hand menu, click: 'Upload':

This section contains all functionality for file upload to the Getty ESP/Contribute server.

The upload queue

The left-hand list, 'New', shows all new files, i.e. files which have not yet been uploaded.

If the 'Errors' column reports one or more errors, this means that not all file details have been completed. Those files cannot be moved to the 'Upload queue' and need to be edited or completed first.

Select the files you want to upload in the left-hand list and click the > button to transfer them to the right-hand Upload queue.

The files are added at the end of the Upload queue. This means that moving files between both lists allows you to control the order of your uploads This order will be kept, even after stopping and restarting DeepMeta.

You can add files to the queue individually or in group (use Cmd-click on macOS or Ctrl-click on Windows) to select multiple items to do this. Similarly, you can also move files from the Upload queue back to the left-hand list.


Click the 'Start upload' button to start uploading all files in the right-hand 'Upload Queue', starting with the top one. If the file has model/property releases assigned, those will be automatically uploaded along with the file.

You can cancel an upload at any time by clicking the 'Cancel upload' button.

Note that you can switch to other sections of the program while uploading. All the uploads are done in the background for you, so you can keep editing other files or add new ones at the same time.


The bottom of the Upload window shows the 'History' panel. Each 'File' and 'Release' upload is reported in this panel, along with how long the upload took, the size of the uploaded file and the result of the action. If an error occurred or a retry was required: here's where you'll find the details.

The contents of the History panel are kept as long as DeepMeta is running. The list is cleared upon start-up.

As with most windows in DeepMeta, you can drag the horizontal separator line up or down as desired, giving more or less space to the History information.