In the left-hand menu: click "Boards":

Both the and sites allow you to create and maintain "Boards". These are collections of images, illustrations and videos. You can use them to group together all your images of a certain photoshoot, a certain theme (like a place or city) or whatever criteria you prefer.

To be able to download your boards from the or website(s), DeepMeta needs your credentials for these sites. They are different from the ESP credentials used for keywording and uploading. So first open "Preferences, Advanced", and enter your credentials:

If you have boards on both iStock and Getty Images, you can enter both credentials and DeepMeta will download them all.

For use within DeepMeta, boards which contain your own files are most useful. They can contain files from other artists, but DeepMeta will not do anything with these other files.

In the "Sync" section, tick the box "Fetch boards from":

Then start sync by clicking the "Sync" button.

After sync has finished: head over to the "Boards" section, and all your boards are shown in the list. A number of columns show statistics for each board, so you know exactly which shoot or theme was a good investment:

Use the right-hand preview pane to see additional statistics or charts.

The future

At the moment, DeepMeta can only download your boards, and you need to create and edit them at the iStock and/or Getty Images website. Functionality to do this directly from within DeepMeta is planned for a future update.