New: DeepMeta now fully supports both iStock and Getty Images contributors!

Getty Images photographers and videographers have been able to use DeepMeta for analyzing their sales statistics for quite some time.

As Getty Images contributor, it's now also possible to upload your work to ESP.

Check out the dedicated DeepMeta for Getty Images contributors section.

iStock & Getty Images uploading, keywording & statistics

DeepMeta is the official Windows & Mac client for managing your iStock / Getty Images portfolio: photos, illustrations, video and editorial. It is provided by Getty Images for FREE to all its contributors.

Created 12 years ago, DeepMeta software has saved over 100,000 users countless hours of time, allowing them to create new content instead of staring at a browser.

Every step of the workflow is faster and better, from upload all the way to statistics. Stop guessing and find out what to create next ... then go out and do it. While you're creating your next top-seller, DeepMeta takes care of the rest.

The ultimate microstock management tool

Create, keyword, upload, repeat ...

With DeepMeta, you have a local copy of your iStock / Getty Images portfolio: thumbnails, descriptions, keywords, releases and detailed sales statistics.

Add new files and use advanced editing to prepare your work for submission. Once ready, hit the 'upload' button and DeepMeta autonomously sends all data to the Getty Images servers. No baby-sitting required.

Synchronize with the ESP servers for updates on accepted files or to find out which files need revision.

Export all data to your favorite spreadsheet or software tool.

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DEEPMETA Interactive Statistics


DeepMeta automatically downloads your monthly iStock / Getty Images royalty statements. Every individual sale is stored locally, along with over 30 metrics per sale: date, royalty, country, type, ...


Combining over 12 different chart types for your sales data, select any set of metrics and all views adjust to show the filtered results in real-time.


The key to success for any microstock artist, is to know at all times which files sell and how sales evolve over time. Stop 'shooting in the dark' and concentrate your efforts on creating the content that generates your income.

VIDEO features

Drag the timeline to select the perfect poster frame for your video. Present your work to potential buyers from its best possible side.

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Reviewer feedback

See which files were accepted and easily discover comments made by reviewers for your uploaded work.

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Powerful batch editing

DeepMeta's extensive Copy/Paste functionality allows you to prepare an entire batch for upload in record time.

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