Local data

To work as independently as possible, DeepMeta uses a small local database on your computer to keep track of your Getty Images portfolio. The idea is that you can prepare your uploads locally and once ready, have all or a part of them autonomously uploaded to the Getty ESP/Contribute servers.


The DeepMeta Sync ("synchronization") functionality is located in the "Sync" section:

Syncing is mostly one-way: from the ESP server to your local system. However, you can enable the option "Send local changes to ESP server" to sync any local changes you made to files already uploaded (but not yet submitted) to the Getty server.

Click the 'Start sync' button to start the process. Following items will be downloaded from the ESP server:

  • All batches and their current status and counts (number of files pending, accepted, revisable and rejected).
  • All files in these batches. If the file is already present locally in DeepMeta, the information is updated.
  • All reviews, providing information when files were accepted, as well as any revision or rejection notes from the inspectors.
  • The thumbnails for all files. Note that these are fetched by a separate process, so these downloads continue in the background, even after the sync is done.

The initial sync process may take some time, depending on the number and size of your ESP batches, but following sync operations should be relatively quick. You can launch a sync any time you like, e.g. to see whether any of your uploads have been accepted or require revisions.


Releases are currently not downloaded from the Getty servers.