The need for backing up your DeepMeta data and how to do it

DeepMeta downloads your portfolio data from the iStock / Getty Images ESP servers and keeps a local copy of that data for efficient editing. Changes are sent back to the iStock / Getty Images ESP servers. This means you can always re-fetch your iStock data, in case you'd lose the local copy that DeepMeta keeps.

However, there is certain local DeepMeta data that is not stored by the iStock servers, and therefore cannot be retrieved from there:

The local disk path of files you have uploaded with DeepMeta Files you have added to DeepMeta and have not yet uploaded to iStock. This includes all titles, descriptions and keywords you have added. For this reason, it is important that you make regular backups of the local DeepMeta data!

What data to backup

To find out where this data resides on your disk, read the article Data Storage. Depending on your usage pattern, it is advised to include this folder in your daily or weekly backup routine.


To remind you of the need for backups and for easy access to the location where DeepMeta keeps its data, there is a main menu option 'File' | 'Backups', which pops up following window:


Although a large amount of effort went into making the DeepMeta local data store reliable and resilient to glitches, there is always a possibility of data loss!

On one occasion, we've seen a user lose a few hundreds of prepared images, with fully assigned descriptions and keywords. These files hadn't been uploaded to iStock yet, and there were no backups, so all that work was lost.

Lesson learned: backup your data!