In the left-hand menu: click 'Reviews':

This brings up the Review list:

The review process

When you upload files with DeepMeta, they will automatically be submitted for review (unless you disable this in the Preferences window).

Submitting a file means putting it in the inspector/reviewer queue for review.

One of the reasons iStock enforces files to be part of batches is to make the review process more efficient, resulting in faster inspection times. You can see this in the DeepMeta review section: many reviews span a lot of files in one go. This also makes the process of revising files more efficient for the contributor.

Fetching reviews

Reviews are fetched from the ESP servers as part of the Sync operation.

Responding to reviews

If the reviews involve acceptances or rejections, no further action is needed or possible. If the review marks the file(s) as 'revisable': right-click the review in the list and select 'View batch on ESP site'.

This opens your browser on the relevant batch page of the ESP site. You can make any corrections here, as mentioned in the revision note from the reviewer.

After doing the revisions, click the 'Submit' button to send the file back to the reviewer for inspection.