Copy & Paste

Quite often, for files that are part of the same shoot or theme, you'll want to copy file meta data from one file to one or more others. DeepMeta allows you to do this with the 'Copy & Paste' feature. In the File list section, Ctrl-click (macOS) or right-click (Windows) on the file from which you want to copy data, and click 'Copy'. Alternatively, you can press Cmd-C (macOS) or Ctrl-C (Windows) on the keyboard with the file selected. This will internally mark the file as the source for future 'Paste' actions.

Next, to 'paste' the file data, select one or more files in the list to which you want to copy the file data. Use Shift-click or Cmd-click (macOS) or Ctrl-click (Windows) to select more than one files in the list. Next, Ctrl-click (macOS) or right-click (Windows) on one of them and select 'Paste to selected rows'.

Alternatively, you can press Cmd-V (macOS) or Ctrl-V (Windows) on the keyboard with the files selected.

The 'Paste' selection dialog will pop up, allowing you to specify what you want to copy.

Tick the 'Clear first' box if you want to clear the corresponding data on the target files before the copy. E.g. for keywords, this would mean DeepMeta will first clear all keywords of the target file(s) before pasting the keywords.

Click OK to confirm the changes. That's all there is to it!