'Batches' is default section that opens when you start DeepMeta. You can reach it any time by clicking 'Batches' in the left-hand menu:

The Getty ESP/Contribute upload system requires every single file to be part of a 'Submission Batch', simply called a 'Batch' in DeepMeta. Batches are displayed in a fully configurable and searchable list:

At the top of the list are a number of filter boxes. Unselect the ones for the types of batches you want to hide in the list:


  • Active: show/hide batches with status 'To Edit', 'To Upload', 'Pending'
  • Revise: show/hide batches with status 'Needs Revision'
  • Closed: show/hide batches with status 'Closed' (iStock automatically closes batches after 3 months since the last upload to that batch)


  • Creative Image: show/hide batches of type 'Creative Image'
  • Creative Illustration: show/hide batches of type 'Creative Illustration'
  • Creative Video: show/hide batches of type 'Creative Video'
  • Editorial Image: show/hide batches of type 'Editorial Image'


  • 1: Select page 1: a set of columns useful for uploading/editing
  • 2: Select page 2: a set of columns with statistics for recent views and interactions
  • 3: Select page 3: a set of columns with cumulated statistics, based on the Getty Images Royalty Statements

Whenever you select a batch in the list, the top 'batch select' drop-down will reflect this. The 'batch select' sets the active batch: any files added to DeepMeta will become part of this active batch. A batch can hold up to 100 files maximum.

Clicking the 'Create Batch' icon (the black folder icon with + sign), will bring up the 'New Batch' window:

Batch type

Select one of the 4 types: 'Image', 'Illustration', 'Video' or 'Editorial Image'. If you have editorial images, it's important to create a batch of that type. You cannot mix creative and editorial images in one batch!

Batch name

Give the batch a name that allows you to easily recognize it. This is the only required field. The batch name is only for your own reference and is not shown to the buyer. If you like, you can enter a note, providing additional information you feel is important for the iStock reviewer. Only do this if needed, else leave this field empty.

Brief code / Event ID

If all files in the batch will apply to a creative brief, enter the 'Brief Code'. For editorial files, this field is named "Event ID" (e.g. "Wedding Kate Middleton", "Wimbledon 2017 final", ...). If entered, it must always be a 6 to 8 digit number.

This field is optional: you will typically leave it empty. Do not enter any other text in this field, it will not be accepted.


  • Do all the files in a batch need to be similar? If you have a group of files to upload that are not similar then you do not need to create a new batch for each individual file. You can submit batches of non-similar files. Submitting as batches though speeds up the inspection process.

  • How many files can I put in a batch? Batches can contain a maximum of 100 files.

  • Can I remove files from a batch? Yes, as long as the files have not yet been submitted. Once submitted, you'll need to create a support ticket on the Getty ESP/Contribute site to have them deleted.

  • What is a closed batch? After 90 days of inactivity (no files added or deleted), Getty Images will automatically close the batch. After that, you can no longer do anything with the files in that batch. If you still had files in there that were not yet submitted, you can use the 'Move' function in DeepMeta to move these files to a new batch, including all their metadata, and submit them in the new batch