DeepMeta stores a centralized list of all your Model and Property releases. This means you can re-use them across batches. This can be useful in certain cases like self-portrait releases, but remember that iStock normally requires a separate release for each photoshoot.

In the main DeepMeta window, click the 'Releases' section in the left-hand list:

This will bring up the release list:

Note that each of these releases can be assigned to multiple files in multiple batches.

Adding releases to DeepMeta

Click the 'Add Model Release' or 'Add Property Release' button on the main DeepMeta toolbar to add releases:

The release can be a 'JPG', 'PNG' or 'PDF' file. Note that for PDF files, only the first pages is shown in the DeepMeta preview, however the entire PDF will be uploaded to iStock.

Assigning releases

You can assign releases to files in the File Details window.

To add new releases from within the 'File Details' window: click the '+ Model' or '+ Property' button:

Model releases

To edit a release, double-click it in the list. Here's an example of a Model release:

  • Type: Select 'Model' for model releases.
  • Enhanced: select "Yes" if the release is a new "Getty Images Enhanced Model release". More info here.
  • Birth date: (Required) The date of birth of the model, as written the model release document. Both dates must match.
  • Gender: Is not a required field. You can leave this empty if you like.
  • Ethnicity: Is not a required field. You can leave this empty if you like.

Property releases

Here's an example of a Property release:

  • Type: Select 'Property' for property releases. No extra fields to enter ...