Installing DeepMeta software


The installation instructions in this section are for the Windows version of the software. See below if you'd like to see instructions on installing the macOS version instead.

Note: If you've already installed an earlier version of DeepMeta, there is no need to first un-install it. The new DeepMeta version will automatically do this for you, if its version number is higher than the already installed version.

Note: DeepMeta requires the Microsoft .Net framework or higher. Most Windows versions have this installed already, but if the DeepMeta installer reports it to be missing, it will guide you in the installation process.

Download the latest software version for Windows from this site, unzip if needed and double-click to start the installer. After installation, you can delete this file.

The first screen looks like this:

On the next screen, select the 'destination folder', where the DeepMeta files will be installed on your hard disk. It's usually a good idea to leave the suggested path as it is.

At this stage, all necessary information has been collected to start the installation. Click 'Install' to start the installation.

Windows will now show the 'User Account Control' panel, asking for your permission. The DeepMeta installer is signed with the certificate of its creator: company 'Eazign bvba'. More info in the Support section.

This information is shown, allowing you to verify you're installing authentic software from this site.

Click 'Yes' to allow the installation to proceed.

After a minute or so, the installation is complete. Click the 'Finish' button. If you want DeepMeta to start immediately, leave the 'Launch DeepMeta' tick box selected. If you like, you can now delete the 'DeepMetaWin3xx.exe' installation file that you downloaded, or keep it for future reference.

Now that the installation is complete, you can start DeepMeta anytime from the Windows Start menu or Desktop. If you don't want the DeepMeta icon on your desktop, you can safely delete it. It is only a shortcut.

DeepMeta is available in the start menu list:


The installation instructions below are for the macOS version of the software. go back to the top section of this page for instructions on installing the Windows version.

There is no special 'uninstall' procedure. To remove DeepMeta from your computer, drag from the Applications folder to the Trash.

Download the latest DeepMeta software version for Mac from this site.

The downloaded file is a zipped (compressed/archived) installer file, but most modern browsers automatically extract it for you into a file named 'DeepMetaMac-x.x.x.pkg'.

Double-click the downloaded DeepMetaMac-x.x.x.pkg icon to launch the installer...

Important notice:

As with all software, only download from the official website (this one), don't go anywhere else, here's a direct link to the official DeepMeta download page at this site.