Getting Started

Official DeepMeta User Guide
  • Installation

    Installing DeepMeta software

  • Preferences

    Setting Preferences and running the first time

  • Batches

    Create batches to group files of the same type

  • Adding files

    Add your photo, illustration and video files to DeepMeta for upload

  • File list

    Organize, sort and filter your list of files

  • File details

    Enter metadata and keywords for your files

  • Multi-edit & Undo

    Edit multiple files at the same time, with undo/redo capability

  • Copy & Paste

    Advanced Copy/paste for quick batch editing of your file data

  • Releases

    Manage your Model and Property releases

  • Boards


  • Upload

    Full automatic upload of multiple files to iStock

  • Sync

    Fetch the latest status of your files and batches from the iStock server

  • Reviews

    Find out which files need revision and discover comments made by the reviewers

  • Statements & Sales

    Browse your latest Getty Images Royalty Statements and individual Sales records

  • Statistics

    Interactive charts showing your file's performance

  • History

    Review DeepMeta activity and error reporting

  • Backup

    How to back up your local DeepMeta data

  • Export

    Export all DeepMeta data to files

  • DeepMeta for Getty Images contributors

    Introduction to DeepMeta for GI Contributors