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Around the 20th of each month, Getty Images publishes a new Royalty statement, covering the sales of the month before. You can download these statements as text files from the 'Account management' section on the ESP site:

As you probably know, these files are very detailed, but not usable for direct analysis. DeepMeta provides a much easier way to download and analyze your monthly royalty statements. It is provided by the following sections: 'Statements', 'Sales' and 'Statistics'.

The Statements section

In the left-hand menu: click 'Statements':

This brings up the Statements list:

If the list shows up empty for you: read on ...

Statements are automatically downloaded from the ESP server by DeepMeta, as part of the Sync functionality. If you haven't already: go to the 'Upload' section in DeepMeta and click the 'Sync' button. IF new statements were downloaded, DeepMeta will report this.

There are currently 2 types of statements:

  • 'Regular': Available to all contributors, these are the main statement reports.
  • 'Connect': You may not see any of these, or not for every month. Here's more info on the Getty Images Connect program. By nature, these types of sales result in very small royalties, which is why 5 decimal digits are shown in most DeepMeta lists. Note that Connect sales all have a 'Sales date' set to the first of the month, corresponding to the 'Invoice date' field in the downloaded statement files.

Getty Images statements contain a wealth of information. For clarity, DeepMeta only shows a few of the possible fields of the reports in the list. After getting acquainted with the system, please take a moment to customize the list to your needs. (See the File list info on how to manage your columns) To see what we mean, here's the list of possible fields you can enable for the DeepMeta Statements list:

The Sales section

In the left-hand menu: click 'Sales'. This brings up the Sales list:

This section shows all sales records extracted from the Getty Images royalty statements. Where the 'Statements' show the summary info, 'Sales' show all the details on how the summary was obtained.

Each 'Sales' entry is linked to one of the downloaded 'Statements'. E.g. all sales with '2017-01' in the 'Month' column, are linked to the Statement for that month. You cannot delete individual Sales items from DeepMeta, but it is possible to delete Statements. If a Statement is deleted, all linked Sales items are deleted as well. Mind you, the next Sync will bring back in that Statement and its sales items into DeepMeta.

As with the Statements and any other list in DeepMeta, it's a good idea to customize the columns to your needs. Here are the columns available in the Sales list:

You can also use the search field at the top right of the DeepMeta window, to filter the list. Following Sales fields are used for filtering: Type, Collection, Transaction type, Region, Territory, Site, File ID, Invoice number, (Royalty) Month. Note that the File ID shown refers to the 'Getty Images File ID', not the 'iStock File ID'.

A few words on the Statement and Sales data

DeepMeta Statements and Sales show an exact copy of the information in the downloaded Getty Images royalty statements.

Note that this information is of the type used in accountancy. You'll find "weird" entries in there, resulting from customer refunds, as well as corrections for "minimum PPF" for exclusive contributors.

Here are some very useful links with official and detailed information on sales related issues:

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