DeepMeta for Getty Images contributors

What is DeepMeta

DeepMeta is software you install on your PC or Mac, that lets you locally manage your Getty Images portfolio:

  • View all details of your entire portfolio, including "Editorial Use Only" RM files
  • Prepare your new uploads locally and launch them all in one go
  • Follow up on your submission reviews, resubmit, move between batches, ...
  • Have DeepMeta automatically download your Royalty statements and store all sales locally for immediate access
  • View your sales statistics in numerous ways: searchable lists, dynamic charts, grouped per batch, board, keywords, ...
  • Synchronize your Boards from the Getty Images website and see grouped statistics
  • The software is multi-language and can be set to: English, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Thai, French, Germand and Dutch.

Who created DeepMeta

The software is actively developed and maintained by Franky De Meyer, a long-term diamond iStock contributor. The developer is officially contracted by iStockphoto / Getty Images, who thereby guarantee the continued development and provide free licenses to all contributors.

A quick-start

  • Download and install the version for your OS (Windows or Mac) from the download area at this site.
  • Upon first startup: enter your ESP credentials. If you want to sync your Boards from the Getty Images website, then also enter your credentials in the designated section.
  • When properly logged in, you will see your ESP username at the bottom left of the status bar.
  • Go to the Sync section, tick the "Fetch portfolio and availability" box and click the "Start Sync" button. Your entire portfolio is synced from the ESP servers.
  • If you tick the "Fetch royalties and statistics" box, DeepMeta will also fetch your Royalty Statements. If you use a "secondary password", make sure to set it in DeepMeta as well, so that it has access to your statements.
  • Now you are ready to use the different sections of DeepMeta to explore your portfolio, sales, statistics charts and upload new work to Getty Images
  • At this stage, it's a good idea to take a quick dive into the Getting Started section at this site, which explains all possibilities, or view introductory video 1 and video 2.

How to find your Editorial RM files

  • If you've followed the above steps, you've already done most of the work: your entire portfolio is now locally available in DeepMeta
  • Go to the Files section, and make sure the top batch selector is set to "Show all batches".
  • Make sure the "Active" filter button is selected, so that your Active (accepted files, for sale on the Getty Images website) are shown in the list.
  • In the top right "Search" field: type the name of the collection you're interested in, e.g. "Moment RM" (including the quotes). All files of that type will be shown.
  • You can fully customize the shown columns for each list. A useful column to add is "Getty Images Collection". See: "Adding, moving and removing columns" in the Files section
  • To get an overview of how many files you have in your Getty Images portfolio and to what collections they belong, go to the Statistics section and select "Uploads" at the top