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System requirements

Windows version

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Mac version

  • Mac OS X v10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Mac OS X v10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Mac OS X v10.11 (El Capitan)
  • macOS v10.12 (Sierra)
  • macOS v10.13 (High Sierra)

Latest changes & Version history

Changes in v3.6 (October 18, 2017)

  • DeepMeta now supports resubmits! Files with "Revisable" status can now be further processed without leaving DeepMeta:
    • Attention: upon first startup, DeepMeta will ask for your credentials. This is normal and caused by some internal storage changes.
    • Edit title, description, keywords and other fields and click "OK". The status will change to "To Resubmit". Move the file to the DeepMeta Queue and start the upload. The file will be resubmitted for a new review.
    • If a release was missing or needs replacing or removing: same procedure as above: simply edit the file in the File Detail Window of DeepMeta and add it to the Queue.
    • If retouching of the file (e.g. removing a logo) is requested by the reviewer: "Re-import" a new JPG/EPS/MOV file and add the file to the Queue.
    • If you want to re-upload the file as editorial (or non-editorial): use the "Move" function to move the file(s) to a new batch of the correct type and add them to the Queue for upload.
      (see below for restrictions)
    • If you decide to let it go, and not pursue resubmitting the file, e.g. because you cannot obtain a model release: delete the file, so that it's no longer shown as "Revisable".
    • All resubmit scenarios should be covered. Note that we've introduced the concept of a "soft delete" in DeepMeta, to cope with the fact that the ESP servers don't allow real deletion in many circumstances. Where actual deletion is not possible at the ESP server, DeepMeta will mark the file with the "Deleted" status. This will hide the file from view in DeepMeta and you will no longer be confronted with it. (unless you select the "inactive" toggle button at the top of the file list, which shows all deleted, rejected and otherwise inactive files)
    • The Batch and File lists have new preview panels at the right, with more info, and handy action buttons, showing your available options for the current file status.
    • The "Move" function now allows "moving" revisable files to a new batch for upload as e.g. non-editorial (if mistakenly uploaded as editorial), or vice versa. As you might know, moving files this way is not allowed/possible at the ESP server, so DeepMeta makes a copy and marks the original files as "deleted". Note that this feature is experimental, and only works if the original file is still at its original location (and file copy is disabled in the preferences)
    • View of files on the iStock site now disabled if ID not known

Changes in v3.5 (October 11, 2017)

  • The batch and file lists now have selectors to choose which batch/file "types" are shown in the list. The file list now has selectors to filter by "status" as well.
  • Right-click a file in the list and select "Hide" to mark the file as "deleted". Can be used for files with status "Revisable", to indicate you've abandoned the file and will not resubmit. Hidden files will only show up in the file list when the "Inactive" selector is on (at top of the file list) Sync will automatically mark all non-active files in closed batches as hidden. This is why the first time you sync with this version, it will re-sync all batches (not just the changed ones)
  • The batch and file lists now have 3 views/pages:
    1. For editing and uploading
    2. Shows recent/live statistics
    3. Shows aggregated statistics from the Sales section
    Note that these are just chosen presets, and you are free to organize the 3 views/pages in any way desired, removing and adding columns by right-clicking the column headers. (pop-up menu)
  • File "Creation date" and Model Release "Birth date" are now also verified to be later than Jan 1st, 1754. Avoids getting this error only after upload.
  • Statistics now allows "Upload date" to be used, in addition to "Sales date". In cases where we get a wrong "Upload date" from the Getty server, we use an "educated guess" for the correct date.
  • Statistics now distinguishes all 4 file types: editorial types are now recognized as well, on top of the already provided "Image", "Video" and "Illustration"
  • Statistics has an additional option in the drop-down lists: "Has release": can be used to compare the performance of files that have people or released property versus non-people shots.
  • Statistics: the "Your files" list now has a drop-down option to show the top 1000 files (25, 50, 100 and 250 were already available)
  • New preference: "Default country"; can be set to "No default country", "Use last country" or a specific fixed country. Whenever new files are added, this is the country that will be used as default
  • Preview panel for Files and Releases now shows detailed errors
  • Fixed the +/- mixup for recent views/interactions in the history list after sync
  • Mac (High Sierra): Error column now again shows the number of errors instead of nothing ...

Changes in v3.4.1 (October 7, 2017)

  • Added a fallback mechanism for users having trouble uploading releases in certain countries.

Changes in v3.4 (October 4, 2017)

  • File list now allows selecting multiple views, numbered 1 (uploading and editing) and 2 (statistics).
    • Select one of the views, and customize it by adding/moving/removing the desired columns for that view
    • With statistics maturing, we'll have more and more columns to choose from, and this new view switching feature allows grouping columns in logical sets.
  • Sync now also fetches "Recent Activity" from the ESP server:
    • These are the number of views and interactions (file added to a board by an iStock visitor) over the past 30 days.
    • The values update on the Getty server once a day
    • The views and interactions can be viewed in both the Batch and File lists, by selecting "view 2" in the top right corner.
    • There are also columns for "View changes" and "Interaction changes", showing the difference between the newly fetched values and the ones before.
    • E.g. a "View change of -3" means that 3 new views were registered since the last sync/change.
    • Of course, with only the "rolling 30 last days" available as input, some reasoning must be applied: it could be that the file had 5 new views, but 2 old ones shifted out of the 30 day window. If this doesn't make any sense: just use the values as an indication of which files/batches are seeing some action ;)
  • Sync now better logs files being fetched from the ESP servers
  • Better memory handling for large portfolios
  • When user closes the Asset detail window with keywords still in the top keyword box (forgot to add them), the box content is no longer discarded but will still contain the keywords when reopening the window.
  • When adding files to a closed batch, it will give this as warning, regardless of how many free slots it has available.
  • Windows: List content is now adapts on-the-fly to UI language switch

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