DeepMeta v3.23: new login method

Important information about the upcoming release of DeepMeta.

Please take note that an upcoming security improvement requires the disabling of several features in the next update of DeepMeta, all related to statistics.

More specifically, following functionality will no longer be available:

  • Automatic download of Royalty statements. Instead, you can download statement text files from the Getty site manually and import them in DeepMeta, using the new “Import” button or by drag-and-drop. Note: statements already loaded in DeepMeta are unaffected.
  • iStock users only: Displaying the YTD (Year To Date downloads) counter and viewing its increments in the “Statistics | Activity” panel. This panel is no longer available.
  • iStock users only: Displaying Views & Interactions on files is no longer available.

As the title of this post suggests, a new login procedure is the reason for these features to become unavailable. Starting with the next release, DeepMeta will launch your browser for you to fill out the standard Getty login form.

Standardizing on this method of login will enable the Getty team to further secure the login process, conforming with industry standard best-practices. The access token obtained from this new login unfortunately doesn’t give access to statistical data.

We will be working with the Getty developer team to see if the new login scheme can be made to grant access to certain statistics in the future, so we can hopefully restore some of the functionality.

In the many years of DeepMeta, this is the very first time we had to remove functionality, but please understand we don’t want to be the ones to hold back the Getty team in implementing top level security. Let’s face it, the world of cybersecurity has become more and more challenging over the past 5 years and even more so over the past months. It simply must be a top priority for us all.

On a positive note, there are a few advantages to the changes as well:

  • Over the last year, we’ve seen more and more of our users asking to be able to import their Royalty statements manually in DeepMeta. They don’t want a Mac/Windows program to access the Account management section of the Getty site on their behalf. Now the manual import will be possible.
  • Many contributors already have a habit of downloading their statements from the Getty site themselves, as these are after all the official sales records, best to be archived for future reference. This means "syncing" new royalties is a matter of drag-and-dropping the txt file on DeepMeta once a month.
  • Employing the user’s standard browser for login, means that auto-fill, provided by most browsers, can be used for entering the credentials.
  • By far the most common user support calls we get relate to logins. Using the very same browser login form as used by the Getty website, will make the process more user-friendly and less error prone.

As all of you know, we’re committed to provide you with tools that make you more productive and better informed on your sales progress. We’ll be active on two levels for future improvements:

  • Working with the Getty dev team to obtain structured access to more statistics, still using the same new login procedure.
  • Adding even more analytics to DeepMeta that make use of the data already provided by the monthly Royalty statements. They may not be real-time, but definitively among the most detailed in the industry. We have many plans to make these even more useful and digestible.

If you have further questions or comments about these changes, don’t hesitate to drop by in the DeepMeta topic of the Getty forum. We’re there to further clarify!

Thanks to all of you for your continued support!


Is DeepMeta login safe, and has it been in the past?

Yes, absolutely. We've always complied to industry standard practices for login security. This is why we proactively move to the new login mechanism. You may have noticed that a lot of big players in technology, like Google, Microsoft and others, have begun to offer novel protection mechanisms, such as 2FA: two factor authentication, where e.g., your mobile device is used as an additional layer of authentication. Though we have no information on Getty's specific plans in this area, it is certainly a direction the tech industry is moving. If/when that happens, the new login scheme will allow for this.

Will I have to re-add all my Royalty statements to DeepMeta manually?

All the statements DeepMeta has downloaded so far will remain in place. The change is that now, every month, you'll download your statement from the Getty website and drop it on DeepMeta. You'll probably also want to archive the statement txt files for your future reference.

Will we get better or live statistics in DeepMeta in the future?

It's not a secret we've always been firm believers in the fact that detailed and timely insights in sales are important and can lead to a better strategy for the contributor. We have no insight in Getty's planning or timeline for additional or more structured statistics. What we can say is that we are in close communication with the Getty dev team and are advocating to have future functionality made available through the Getty API that we can access, using the new login scheme.

Can I download the YTD Views, Interactions and Downloads?

Yes. Version 3.23 and later have a new option in the "Export" window, to allow exporting this data in CSV/TSV format.

How long can I use the existing version of DeepMeta?

Until the end of April, 2022

What happens if I choose not to upgrade to the new version of DeepMeta?

If you like, you can wait a little before upgrading to v 3.23, but you will no longer be able to login with the older versions when Getty Images updates the login form with enhanced security, planned for the end of April 2022

When will DeepMeta v3.23 be released?

It was released on April 25, 2022 and is available now from the download section of this website. It will soon be offered as update in the DeepMeta software as well.