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System requirements

Windows version

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7

Mac version

  • macOS v10.15 (Catalina)
  • macOS v10.14 (Mojave)
  • macOS v10.13 (High Sierra)
  • macOS v10.12 (Sierra)
  • Mac OS X v10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Mac OS X v10.10 (Yosemite)

Latest changes & Version history

Changes in version: v3.16.7 (January 31, 2020)

  • Copy/Paste: Color field can now also be copied. For Getty Images contributors: Copyright, Province/State and City fields can also be copied
  • Sync now provides more info for files that are in portfolio but not currently in search index (experimental feature)
  • Fix for a few occasions where the software would exit when clearing all keywords in the list (very rare, but still...)
  • Statistics - Activity: all targets are now shown in the charts, up to the forecast value. Also, the months on the horizontal axis are more clearly labeled

Changes in version: v3.16.6 (January 16, 2020)

  • Fix for login issues reported by some users

Changes in version: v3.16.2 (January 9, 2020)

  • New communication protocol with Getty server. Please update to this version, as older DeepMeta versions will no longer be supported soon.
  • Activity statistics: Download targets adjusted for 2020 (these targets are indicated by horizontal lines on the left-hand activity charts).
  • Fix: clicking a thumbnail in the right hand preview panel of the Keywords section now works as expected.
  • Mac: Faster import of images, also using less memory.
  • Sales Statistics: Getty portfolios with images having non-numeric IDs now properly display. Also, additional Getty collections are now recognized.
  • Windows: Export window can now be resized to a larger format, if not all fields fit.
  • Windows: updating to a new version now leaves the DeepMeta icon (if any) in the windows task bar intact.

Changes in version: v3.16.0 (December 10, 2019)

  • New Export feature, allowing full CSV/TSV export of Files, Batches, Releases, Keywords, Boards, Statements and Sales:
    • The Export popup window allows the user to choose between export of one single type, resulting in 1 CSV/TSV file, or up to all 7 types, resulting in 7 CSV/TSV files written.
    • Export of all items in DeepMeta can be launched from the main menu, "Export" option.
    • Export is also available for just the selected items in a list: right-click (or ctrl-click on Mac) to bring up the context menu, and select "Export".
    • The "Export" window allows you to specify the groups of data to export. By default all groups are selected and up to 125 columns of data are available, depending on whether your iStock or Getty Images contributor.
    • A drop down list at the bottom provides the choice between CSV (comma separated values) and TSV (Tab separated values).
    • Upon clicking the OK button, the File Save dialog is shown, allowing you to choose where to save the file and under what filename.
  • Windows: It's now possible to copy the contents of every list in DeepMeta to the clipboard by selecting the items and pressing Ctrl-C (or Cmd-C on Mac), or choosing the popup menu option "Copy". The exact same columns currently shown in that list will be placed on the clipboard.
  • There is now a separate menu option for copying just the keywords as text on the clipboard: select one item in the File list and press Alt-Ctrl-C (or Alt-Cmd-C on Mac) or use the popup menu option "Copy keywords to clipboard".
  • Searching in files will now also search in the "description" field. This means, current search fields are: Getty ID, iStock ID, Title, Description, Batch name, File/Raster name, Artist name, iStock collection, Getty collection.
  • Keyword suggestion boxes now have a better behavior, jumping to a location in the list where they can stay, as soon as they have their final content. This avoids having a suggestion box jump down when the user is busy selecting items, because a box above it is resizing.
  • Copy/paste shortcut buttons now also work for the file lists in the Upload section
  • Improved XMP metadata import of creation date, when in XMP fields
  • Fix for Portfolio fetch stopping when encountering a rare error from Getty server "400 Malformed Request: Requested value 'ImageCd' was not found."

Changes in version: v3.15.2 (November 14, 2019)

  • Adding files is now always possible, even when the previously added files are still processing (thumbnail generation, metadata extraction, etc). This means you will no longer get following message "Please wait for previous files to be processed".
  • Faster import of files which have XMP metadata
  • CSV Import: Support for wildcard filename: if "*" specified in the FileName column, then the data from that line will be used for all files that don't have a matching filename in the CSV file. Handy for assigning e.g. the same release to all imported files.
  • Windows: fix for inadvertent keyword action when double-clicking a file to open the File Detail window.
  • Mac: DeepMeta now prevents your mac from going into sleep mode while syncing/uploading. Once finished: your regular sleep mode settings are respected.
  • Mac: Fix for layout issue where keyword boxes could be cut off at the right-hand side if there's a scrollbar.
  • Mac: Dark mode: visual consistency improvements.
  • Fix for keyword suggestions being shown and then, get hidden again shortly after.

Changes in version: v3.15 (November 4, 2019)

  • A new Keyword suggestion box is now available: "Color suggestions". It analyzes the image and suggests corresponding color terms from the CV. Use it when the color of your image is important to the buyer, like e.g. an orange-themed image useful for Halloween, or similar.
  • Sync has a new option: "Send local changes to ESP server". This is useful for workflows where e.g. an external keyworder is used. It allows one person to upload files ESP, another doing the edits and syncing the changes back to ESP, and then the first person checking the edits and doing the final submit. All from within DeepMeta.
  • Columns that show an on/off state are now using a bullet icon instead of a checkbox, which is more clear. On Windows the checkbox was even selectable, which added to the confusion.
  • Releases: Initial state of the "Show all" checkbox is now remembered, and works consistent between Mac and Windows version (in both File Details popup window and the right-hand side panel).
  • A new column can be added to the File list: "Changed": shows a checkbox indicating you have made local changes to the file. Files marked as "changed" can be updated to ESP with the new "Send local changes to ESP server" option in the Sync section, as long as they are not submitted yet.
  • CSV files with metadata are now supported. When adding files to DeepMeta, select the CSV file as well, and it will be parsed for metadata, which is then applied to corresponding files. It is even possible to specify Model or Property releases to be linked to the files.
    Requirements for the format of CSV files is the same as on the ESP site: it's a plain text file with ".csv" extension, with the first line containing the exact names of the fields (order is not important). Each following line contains comma-separated metadata for the file with its name in the "file name" column.
    For the keywords column: use commas to separate the keywords and place the entire keyword string between double quotes. Alternatively, you can separate the keywords with the | character, and then no extra double quotes are needed.
    You can leave fields empty for which you don't have metadata, like typically for "creation date", which is normally extracted by DeepMeta from the file itself. Possible columns for each type of file are as follows:
    • Creative Image: file name,created date,description,country,brief code,title,keywords
    • Editorial Image: file name,created date,description,country,title,personalities,keywords
    • Creative Video: file name,keywords,description,title,country,poster timecode
    • Creative Illustration: file name,description,country,title,keywords,color
    You can download an example CSV file for Creative Image files.

Changes in version: v3.14 (October 8, 2019)

  • File Details window: More lookup results now available for a given keyword in the "please refine" boxes when entering keywords.
  • File Details window: Each suggested term for a given keyword can now optionally show a popularity icon: 0 bars = rarely used, up to 5 bars = very often used.
  • File Details window: The "Refine" panel can now be set in one of 3 modes, using 3 tab-buttons:
    • Keywords (tag icon): this is the traditional list of entered or imported keywords, one per box, with terms to be selected as refinement (disambiguation).
    • Suggestions (lightbulb icon): shows both "Keyword suggestions", based on the title or words in the keyword input box, and "Visual suggestions", based on the thumbnail.
    • Cue cards (box/list icon): these are cue cards, or cheat-sheet panels, presenting a curated set of often used and related keywords.
  • Preferences now has an extra tab, dedicated to keywording: select which Cue Cards to see, whether to view popularity of keywords, etc.
  • File Details window: It's now also possible to remove terms from the left-hand list by clicking them in the right-hand "refine" boxes (these used to be disabled, so you had to find the term in the left-hand list to remove it again).
  • Keywords now systematically shown in lowercase, for consistency.
  • Keyword suggestions now automatically retry with just the 3 or 2 largest words if no results with original phrase.
  • The sections "Batch", "Files", "Keywords" and "Boards" now allow 2 new columns to be added: "DL/month" (downloads per month) and "$/month" (royalty per month). These represent the respective values, divided by the number of months the files have been online (or since the start of ESP sales reporting, whichever is more recent).
  • Statistics, Activity: header "Downloads" now labeled "Downloads - Year To Date", conform with how this is called at the ESP website.
  • Mac: Collapsing groups in the left-hand navigation is now disabled. Caused confusing behavior, e.g. when the group with the currently active section is collapsed.
  • Mac: The installer is now notarized, for compatibility with macOS Catalina (10.15).
  • Fix: File Details window: to select an item in the Suggestion box and close that box at the same time: use CTRL-click (Windows) or CMD-click (Mac). This used to be SHIFT-click which was confusing since regular keyword boxes use CTRL/CMD-click.
  • Fix: Keywords section: "Last DL" column was showing "1/01/0001" for keywords where none of the files they are on have been downloaded. Now the column correctly shows an empty space.
  • Fix: "Move" window: when moving files from a Portfolio batch (i.e. already active files, uploaded before ESP) to a new batch, the file is no longer copied and marked as "To edit", but instead it is simply moved to the new batch.
  • Fix, Mac: "Statistics", "Statements" and "Sales" sections now properly save the selections made in the Statistics preview panel at the right.
  • Fix, Mac: when opening the File Details window, by pressing ENTER in the file list or the "EDIT" button in the right-hand preview, the UP/DOWN arrows are now properly enabled, allowing to move to next/previous file in the list.
  • Fix: The Statistics chart right-hand preview for Batches now works again

Changes in version: v3.13.12 (August 21, 2019) - MAC ONLY

  • Statements section: right-hand preview panel now gives more detailed info.
  • File Details: fix for keyword panels sometimes inadvertently being shown as disabled (greyed out).
  • File Details: new try-out feature: Clicking the Keyword Suggestions icon (the light bulb) will now create 2 boxes: the familiar suggestions, based on title or keywords. A second box shows AI generated suggestions based on the visual content of the thumbnail (or first thumbnail if multiple files were selected). Please provide your feedback on how useful you find this feature!

Changes in version: v3.13.11 (August 20, 2019) - MAC ONLY

  • Mac: Fix for error "Method not implemented" when downloading Royalty Statements

Changes in version: v3.13.10 (August 15, 2019)

  • You can now add an unlimited number of files to a batch. The max 100 file limit per batch (imposed by Getty ESP) is now enforced at a later stage, namely when putting the files in the DeepMeta upload queue. This allows for a more flexible workflow, where you can edit your files in one go and split the files across batches before adding to the queue. Use the "Move" function to move files between batches or to new batches.
  • We now treat the ESP file status "queued" as "Active" in DeepMeta instead of "Submitted".
  • Improved file detail view for already submitted/active files, which can no longer be edited:
    • There is now a "copy" button at the left of most text fields. When clicked, the text is copied the Mac/Windows clipboard. If multiple files are selected, all relevant texts (normally shown in the drop-down list) are copied.
    • The keyword boxes now show the correct state and clearly indicate they can no longer be changed.
    • The "Show all" check-box at the top of the release section is hidden. It makes little sense to show all releases in the context of a disabled form.
  • Upload panel changes:
    • Left hand list with new files is now larger.
    • Windows: Sorting is now fully supported for the right-hand Upload Queue list.
    • Windows: Sliders for both lists now allow changing the row height of the lists, so that larger thumbnails can be shown (drag the width of the thumbnail column after changing the row height).
  • Batch selection drop-down list at the top of the DeepMeta window now shows the file count between brackets for all open batches.
  • Batch list has a new column that can be added: "Files on ESP": the number of files in the batch on the ESP site. This is the number that's limited by Getty Images to max. 100 at the moment.
  • DeepMeta is now able to fetch the portfolio of Getty Images users, even if they have no ESP files. E.g. users that have Corbis images and nothing else.
  • Edit button and right-click option for files is now always available, even for already submitted/active files.
  • Better support for extracting XMP metadata from MOV files.

Changes in version: v3.13.7 (July 22, 2019)

  • Fix for the intermittent "Invalid license key" error when adding videos to DeepMeta

Changes in version: v3.13.6 (July 1, 2019)

  • Move window: is now more flexible, and allows changing the type of the target batch to any desired type, as long as any already existing files are compatible with it. The window now uses separate tabs "to new batch" and "to existing batch" for better guidance.
  • Batch edit window: if the batch was already created at the ESP server, its type can no longer be changed. In that case, DeepMeta shows a button to open the "Move" window instead and move the files to a new batch for re-upload (possibly with a different batch type).
  • Statistics | Uploads: fixed tables for when no files are available yet (the text "NaN" was displayed for the "%" columns).
  • When adding Video files to DeepMeta, it will now correctly set the "Has audio" flag, if audio was detected.
  • Release section: preview panel has cleaner layout and buttons for "Edit" and "Delete".
  • Batch and File sections: Preview panel no longer shows title in all-caps. Was confusing to some users. The upper/lower casing of the actual title is shown as-is.
  • Mac: Multi-edit: the count values in the keyword boxes are no longer clipped if more than 1 digits.
  • Win: File details panel: the release list now keeps its sorting settings between restarts.
  • Sorting releases by "number of errors" now works as expected.
  • Mac: lists now vertically center text instead of top-align.
  • File list: sorting by ID is now more logical for both fully numeric IDs as well as for legacy alphanumeric IDs.
  • Sales section: selecting multiple items will now show totals in the right hand preview panel.
  • Statements section: selecting multiple items will now show totals in the right hand preview panel, separately for Regular and Connect statements. To find out total amounts for your connect sales: use the "Sales section".
  • Fix for Boards not properly being saved in some circumstances.
  • Translations updated

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