Version 3.16 released: Export portfolio and sales data to CSV/TSV


We're pleased to announce a major new feature in DeepMeta v3.16: EXPORT.

Using the powerful Sync capability of DeepMeta, you can fetch all your portfolio data from the Getty Images server, as well as your royalty statements with Sales info. DeepMeta keeps this data stored locally on your computer.

DeepMeta v3.16 allows you to export all this raw data to files for storage/archiving or to import to your favorite spreadsheet for further processing and extract information not provided by DeepMeta.

More info in the new Export section of the 'Getting Started' manual.

We have 2 tutorial videos on this new feature: one for Windows users and one for Mac users:

View tutorial video (Windows)View tutorial video (Mac)

We've put a lot of effort in making this a powerful and efficient new tool to further speed up your workflow.

Don't hesitate to Contact us with your feedback and suggestions!

Version 3.14 released: Cue Cards, Popularity and Visual Suggestions


We're pleased to announce some new features in DeepMeta v3.14 that make your keywording process even more efficient.

The keyword header section now has an extra "Preferences" icon, and a selector for one of 3 different views: Keywords, Suggestions and Cue Cards. Let's have a look at each one of them.


If the JPG/MOV file already has keywords embedded, this list is auto-populated. You can manually add keywords by typing them (comma-separated) in the keyword input box and pressing ENTER.

The already existing Keyword section can now optionally show popularity for each of the CV (Controlled Vocabulary) terms:

  • If none of the bars are highlighted, the term is rarely being used for images/videos/illustrations on the Getty Images website.
  • The more bars are highlighted, the more popular this term is.

Having this information available, can help you more quickly determine which terms might deserve a little more attention, and which ones are more exotic and rarely used.


If a title was already entered, it is automatically used for the "Keyword Suggestions" box. You can look up additional suggestions by typing one up to 4 words in the keyword input box, and clicking the "suggestions" (lightbulb) icon, or by pressing CTRL-K (Windows) or CMD-K (Mac)

If no keyword suggestions are found for the given phrase, DeepMeta will automatically retry with less words.


When new JPG/MOV/EPS files are added to DeepMeta, it will create a thumbnail and use this to obtain suggestions in the background. What happens behind the scenes is that a visual search is performed on the Getty Images site, and the most occurring keywords are collected.

See it as an automated way to get some inspiration from fellow contributors who have uploaded similar work. It can be a great source of ideas you did not think of.


The third view, obtained by clicking the right-most "cue card" icon, shows a number of "cheat sheets", with generic terms that can apply to many different images.

These are curated lists of grouped terms, that describe a specific aspect of your work. Following categories are currently available:

  • Age (baby, child, teenager, young adult, ...
  • Female gender (females, girls, young women, mature women, ...)
  • Male gender (males, one boy only, teenage boys, only senior men, ...)
  • Number of people (no people, one person, two people, group of people, ...)
  • Composition (headshot, waist up, three quarter length, full length, ...)
  • Viewpoint (lockdown, panning, tracking shot, aerial view, ...)
  • Positive emotions (joy, friendship, curiosity, passion, ...)
  • Negative emotions (fear, pain, guilt, sadness, ...)

If you've been using DeepMeta for some time, you might remember the "Keyword Wizard" section of the old website. Many users have requested for it to come back, and here it is, this time integrated right into the keywording section of DeepMeta itself.

To illustrate how important it is to include these types of generic keywords, have a look at the search pages of and, used by the customers:

With the click of a mouse, they can restrict their search to images only containing these terms. You want to make sure that your image winds up in that search if one of these terms applies to it.

If you have ideas for additional conceptual groups of often used terms, don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts. Thank you!


Clicking the "cogwheel" icon in the keywording header will bring up the DeepMeta Preferences window, with the Keywording tab selected:

It provides a number of options to turn off or on, depending on your personal preferences.

We've put a lot of effort in making this a powerful and efficient new tool to further speed up your workflow.

Don't hesitate to Contact us with your feedback and suggestions!

DeepMeta now fully compatible for Getty Images contributors


Originally a tool for iStockphoto users only, we're now pleased to announce that from v3.13 onwards, DeepMeta is fully compatible for Getty Images contributors

Synchronize your full portfolio (including Editorial RM files), view detailed statistics and upload your Images and Video to the Getty Images ESP servers.

Version 3.12 - Multi-EDIT and Undo/Redo


DeepMeta version 3.12, released on January 30th 2019, adds a much anticipated feature: Multi-EDIT - working with multiple files at the same time.

We took the opportunity to add another power-tool to go along with it: UNDO/REDO

The Getting Started guide now has a new section, fully dedicated to Multi-Edit and Undo/Redo

Here's a short video tutorial that explains all the details:

We've put a lot of effort in making this a powerful and efficient new tool to further speed up your workflow.

Don't hesitate to Contact us with your feedback and suggestions!

Version 3.10 - Get a clear view of your portfolio


DeepMeta version 3.10, released on August 16th 2018, adds many reporting and statistics capabilities. Here's a quick overview:

Statistics - Uploads

Full overview of what type of files you uploaded, at what time, and what their current status is:

Statistics - Activity

Especially useful for exclusives: see if you're on target to reach your next royalty level. Based on the downloads already known up to date, a mathematical forecast is calculated and shown in grey on the chart:

Sync - Files waiting for review

Sync - Latest Reviews

Sync - Latest Views

Sync - Latest Interactions

Sync - Portfolio Info

New feature: Keyword suggestions


DeepMeta v3.8 indroduces an exciting new way to discover appropriate keywords for your artwork: the Keyword Suggestion feature.

Check out the video below, which describes the new possibilities in detail.

DeepMeta just learned some new languages


DeepMeta is often lauded for being user friendly. A lot of users see it as their primary tool to interface with iStock / Getty Images.

We also realize there are large groups of users that find the use of the English language prohibitive. Being able to work in their native language makes all the difference.

Together with the iStock / Getty Images offices in Tokyo, we created a Japanese version of DeepMeta a few years ago. The response was overwhelming.

Today, we're pleased to announce that DeepMeta software is available in no less than 8 languages: English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Turkish, Dutch and Thai.

In the 10 years of its existence, DeepMeta has gathered enthusiasts from all over the world, but there appear to be some 'hot spots' with high user concentration.

Here's the world map, showing DeepMeta user location. Darker colors mean more users.

The US and UK, Russia, Ukraine and Thailand are frontrunners, with Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Turkey and Serbia coming in close.

Some important languages are still missing, so if yours is not among the supported ones, don't worry: we have plans to expand the list with additional languages in the future.

If you'd like to help: contact us. The idea is to organize future translations using the idea of crowdsourcing, where users can help converting new content to their native language.

In this initial phase, we'll just evaluate the response and see how we can organize this. DeepMeta functionality is constantly evolving, so translations are an ongoing process.

We're accompanying this international release of DeepMeta with a brand-new website. It's mobile friendly, and packed with technology to assist the DeepMeta software with server-side functionality, planned for the future.

Best of all, the new website comes in 8 languages as well. Both DeepMeta software and the website can switch to different languages in real-time, without reload or restart:

  • For the site: select your language from the drop-down list at the top right. The page will switch to that language. Please note that not all content may be available in your language yet.
  • For DeepMeta software: We no longer need separate language releases, like we had for the Japanese version in the past. Just install v3.1 or higher, and choose your language in the 'Preference' window of DeepMeta.

Now head over to the download page to grab the latest release. If you run into translations that you find weak and can improve: don't hesitate to let us know and suggest better ones.