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Последняя версия: v3.8.7 (2018-4-6)

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Системные требования

Версия для Windows

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Версия для Mac

  • Mac OS X v10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Mac OS X v10.11 (El Capitan)
  • macOS v10.12 (Sierra)
  • macOS v10.13 (High Sierra)
  • (Mac OS X v10.9) (Mavericks) No longer supported. Latest version: v3.4.1 &
  • (Mac OS X v10.7) (Lion) & Mac OS X v10.8 (Mountain Lion) No longer supported. Latest versions: v3.0.23 (English) & v3.0.24 (Japanese)

Последние изменения и история версий

Изменения в v3.8.7 (April 6, 2018)

  • File details panel: when clicking one of the suggested terms (to add it as keyword), holding the SHIFT key down, the term will be added and then the box (with remaining suggestions) is removed. This allows for more efficient keywording if only one of the terms applies to your keyword.
  • Windows: fixed display issue in File details form, where user could not scroll to keywords at bottom of the list. (depending on screen settings and resolution)
  • New columns can be added: Files: "RPD" (Revenue Per DL), Batch: "Active" (Number of active files), "RPD" (Revenue Per DL), "RPI" (Revenue Per Image) and "STR" (Sell Through Ratio: percentage of files in batch sold at least once)
  • Statistics: top row chart now sorts bars properly by date. The Area chart is now shown as a bar chart for more clarity. We may make this optional in the future.
  • Import of portfolio is now capable to fetch all video files as well (images were already fetched, along with a small subset of videos)
  • Fix for wrong display of some keywords when running in Turkish locale
  • Small fix in display of File Nomination column: now shows solid star if in S+ collection, regardless of whether it was nominated or not
  • The pixel size of Raster Illustrations and Previews of Vector Illustrations are now checked to be of valid max pixel size.
  • Changes to batch names are now immediately reflected in the top batch selection list
  • The option "Re-import file" is now also available if a file is in the "To resubmit" state. Previous versions only allowed this if the file was in the "Revisable" state.
  • Sync: if a file is reported as "Active" by ESP, by was (soft-) deleted by the user, then the deletion is undone. This makes sure the user gets to see their full portfolio of active files, and they are not accidentally hidden (by having the "deleted" flag set)
  • Windows: Sales section: fixed Upload date column for the Sales list. (was not showing any dates)
  • Mac: Fix for display issue / formatting of Batch preview pane on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Mac: Sales section: Sorting sales by upload date now much faster

Изменения в v3.8.6 (March 21, 2018)

  • Mac: new updates are now installed by a package installer, which will automatically place the program in the Applications folder. The program is now called "DeepMeta" instead of "DeepMeta 3". If you still have v2 of DeepMeta and want to keep it, first rename it to e.g. "DeepMeta 2". See also https://www.deepmeta.com/GettingStarted/Installation (click the Mac icon to see the macOS version of the instructions)
  • Windows: From now on, the program is called "DeepMeta" in the start menu, instead of "DeepMeta 3". It can still co-exist with the old version 2 of DeepMeta if you chose not to uninstall it.
  • When a new version of DeepMeta is available, clicking the link "New version available" will now automatically launch the installer, instead of opening the browser window for downloading the update. Same for the equivalent button on "Preferences", "Software Updates"
  • Statistics: Default grouping is now "Sales by month". Area chart is now also shown by default
  • Statistics: Additional product types and collections now recognized
  • File list: Nomination column now shows Star outline icon (nominated), Solid star icon (nomination accepted) or Half filled star icon (nomination not accepted)
  • Missing thumbnails are now detected and downloaded in the background
  • Mac: list selections are cleared after a delete, so that no other items inadvertently become selected

Изменения в v3.8.5 (March 15, 2018)

  • Sync now also fetches the latest "YTD" counts, these are the live download counts for Images/Illustrations/Video since the beginning of the year. Note that these are not pure downloads, e.g. S+ downloads are counted as 2.
  • After upload, files are moved to the back of the DeepMeta upload queue for being submitted. This means all files are first uploaded, and then submitted in one go. This avoids having files already inspected while uploads for that batch are still ongoing (inspectors can be lightning fast sometimes ;)
  • Mac: Keyboard shortcut keys added:
    • Commands "Create batch" and "Add Files" are now also available in the main menu and have shortcut keys assigned: Cmd-N and Cmd-O
    • Batch list: ENTER (view Files in Batch), CMD-ENTER (edit Batch details), DELETE (delete selected Batches), CMD-B (open browser and view ESP page)
    • File list: ENTER (edit File details), DELETE (delete selected Files), CMD-B (open browser and view ESP page), CMD-U (move Files to the Upload queue)
    • Release list: ENTER (edit Release details), DELETE (delete selected Releases)
    • Review list: DELETE (delete selected Reviews), CMD-B (open browser and view ESP page)
    • Statement list: DELETE (delete selected Royalty Statements)
    • File Details Window: CMD-K: fetch keyword suggestions based on words in keyword box or (if empty) based on title, CMD-ENTER: save changes and close File Details window
  • Windows: Keyboard shortcut keys added:
    • Command buttons "Create batch" and "Add Files" now have shortcut keys assigned: CTRL-N and CTRL-O
    • Batch list: ENTER (view files in batch), CTRL-ENTER (edit batch details), DELETE (delete selected batches), CTRL-B (open browser and view ESP page)
    • File list: ENTER (edit file details), DELETE (delete selected files), CTRL-B (open browser and view ESP page), CTRL-U (move files to the Upload queue)
    • Release list: ENTER (edit Release details), DELETE (delete selected Releases)
    • Review list: DELETE (delete selected Reviews), CTRL-B (open browser and view ESP page)
    • Statement list: DELETE (delete selected Royalty Statements)
    • File Details Window: CTRL-K: fetch keyword suggestions based on words in keyword box or (if empty) based on title, CTRL-ENTER: save changes and close File Details window
  • Additional product types now recognized by Statistics section
  • File list: Collection column now uses small icons ("S" = Signature, "S+" = Signature+, empty = Essentials or not uploaded yet)
  • File list: Nominated column now uses small "star" icons. Remember that in DeepMeta "Nominated" means you nominated the file, regardless whether it was accepted as S+ or not.
  • You can see whether a nomination was accepted by looking at the "Collection" column: if it says "S+", the nomination was accepted
  • Windows: File list: "Nominated" column can now be sorted
  • Windows: all list headers now show a tooltip when hovering over the header
  • List columns with icons now have a maximum width, to avoid ugly huge icons when their width is stretched out
  • Batch and File "Brief code" field now checks if content is empty (is most common default and of course allowed) or alphanumeric. If user attempts to add multiple codes, this is reported as error

Изменения в v3.8.4 (March 2, 2018)

  • Fix for keyword suggestion tool giving errors
  • Fix for generic error "Upload failed"

Изменения в v3.8.3 (February 28, 2018)

  • Batch preview pane now shows totals when multiple batches are selected, just as it does for single batch select
  • DeepMeta will now check batch status before each file upload and try to cleanup failed uploads if the batch reaches maximum of 100 files
  • Sync is now much smarter and faster
  • Fix for "Error 400 - bad request" errors during upload
  • Additional logging added for the error "Cannot exceed the maximum of 50 keywords", caused by ESP server adding its own keywords. Use max 40 to 45 keywords to avoid this error.

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