Secondary password - Collaborating with others

What is it

If your ESP account is used by multiple people to manage various aspects of your business, you may want to limit access to financial, royalty, and other account information.

To do so, you can set up a secondary password, needed in order to access the Royalties, Profile, or Security sections of this site. This secondary password, once created, will be used to access Royalties, Profile, and Security.

When you have set a secondary password, your main/regular password will no longer have access to Royalties, Profile and Security, so you can share it with trusted parties, e.g. the let them upload, keyword and resubmit on your behalf.

How to set it at the Getty Images ESP site

Visit the ESP Account Management - Security page and create a "Secondary password".

Make sure to read the legal notice at the bottom to understand the restrictions of such a password.

Also realize that, although you can change your secondary password at the ESP site, however in order to remove it, you'll need to contact Getty Images support.

How to set it in DeepMeta

If you have set a secondary password at the ESP site, make sure to also enter it in DeepMeta, so that your Royalty statements and Statistics can be synchronized.

In the DeepMeta Preferences window, "Advanced" tab, enter your "Secondary password". Only do this if you've generated such a password at the ESP site.

After entering the password, click the "Verify" button to check its validity