Login help

ESP - Enterprise Submission Platform

On Februari 1st 2017, iStock has moved to a new contributor platform, called ESP (Enterprise Submission Platform). A totally new version of DeepMeta - Version 3 - was created to be able to talk to this new server architecture.

This means that old iStock usernames and passwords no longer work with DeepMeta. Both the new ESP website (https://esp.gettyimages.com) and DeepMeta now require an "ESP" username and password for login.

If you cannot login to DeepMeta

  • First check whether you can login to the ESP site.
  • If you cannot access this page because you cannot login to the forum either (irony of fate...), contact Getty Images support directly.
  • If you can login to the ESP site, but get an error, logging in to DeepMeta, below are the possible errors.

Error 500: Internal server error

  • The full error text is: "Internal server error - The authorization grant or refresh token is invalid, expired, revoked or issued to another client.""
  • This issue initially affected a few hundred users, mostly from Serbia (though some users from other countries are affected too). It is caused by a configuration problem for these accounts on the Getty Images authentication servers.
  • If you encounter this error, report it to us, with the username you use in DeepMeta and we'll contact Getty Images HQ for you to fix your account.

Error 401: Unauthorized: Client authentication failed

  • This is a simple login failure. Most likely due to an invalid username and/or password. Some users get this after changing their password at the ESP site, and forgetting to change it in DeepMeta as well.
  • If you feel the login error is unjustified, try using the same username/password at the ESP site. If you cannot login there either: contact Getty Images support for help.