Frequently Asked Questions - DeepMeta v3

N1. My keyword suggestions are a weird and have mixed languages. What is the problem?

  • First of all, part of the iStock/Getty unification, all iStock contributions now use the Getty CV instead of the old iStock CV.
  • A CV, or "Controlled Vocabulary" is a managed list of keyword terms with well-defined meaning. Basically a way to make the distinction between e.g. "Paris" (Hilton) and "Paris" (the city).
  • The Getty CV offers a different set of options than the old iStock CV, and it'll take us all some getting used to. Here's a link to the iStock/Getty keywording guide.
  • To change your keywording language: go to the Preferences window.

N2. Why do I get "403 Forbidden: no access rights for creating a batch of this type"?

  • This error literally means what it says. The Getty ESP server does not allow you to create a batch of the type you specified ("Image", "Illustrations", "Video" or "Editorial Image"). In other words, you have no upload rights for that type of files. If you believe you should be able to upload such type of files, do the following:
    • Go to the ESP site.
    • Click on the top left hand drop-down list, showing the types of batch you are allowed to create. Here's an example where all 4 possible types are shown, but your list depends on your uploading rights:
    • If you feel the list you get is incorrect for your situation, and you should have access to batch types not listed there: contact Getty and ask for help.

N3. At login, why do I get "500 Internal server error"?

N4. Why do I get "Error 401: Unauthorized"?

N5. Does DeepMeta make a copy of the original files that I add, and what happens when I change the original?

  • Version 3 no longer makes a local copy of files added to DeepMeta. Instead it references the original file.
  • To have DeepMeta create local copies of your files until upload: go to the Preferences window.

N7. My imported files do not show up in the list

  • What probably happens is that you are in the Batch view (left hand side Batches option is selected). Click the Files option at the left, to see the imported files.

N8. Where are my portfolio files and how do I fetch statistics?

  • DeepMeta 2 provided functionality to fetch your files and statistics from the iStock servers. The initial releases of DeepMeta 3 don't have this functionality yet. We plan to add this ASAP. In its current form, DeepMeta 3 is essentially an upload tool. Portfolio management features are to be added next.
  • What you can expect:
    • Fetching of all batches and files from the ESP site
    • For each item you will get dates, current status and all metadata you provided (title, keywords, ...)
  • Planned for later is the addition of number of downloads and views per file, but iStock/Getty are still working on making this available through their ESP API. We realize this is a highly expected feature, so it is very high on my list!
  • Also, some users have files and data in DeepMeta 2 which they'd want to import into DeepMeta 3. This is not currently possible, but we intend to provide such an import function in the near future.

N9. How do we reorder or sort the keywords?

  • The current official information we have is that the order of keywords no longer makes any difference. If/when this situation/policy changes, We'll add sorting and/or reordering functionality.

N10. How do enter categories?

  • Categories are no longer needed. Nobody will probably miss them ;)

N11. How do we select multiple meanings/terms for a keyword?

  • DeepMeta 2 allowed multiple terms (meanings) to be selected for a keyword. The iStock/Getty content team have requested to change this in DeepMeta 3, so that only one term can be selected. This is why the right hand box with choices disappears as soon as you select a term.
  • The reason for this is that the old system was considered too inviting for keyword spamming, where some contributors systematically "ticked all the boxes". The ESP website has the same restriction.
  • Note that it's still possible to add multiple terms for the same keyword, but you'll have to enter that keyword multiple times in the keyword box.

N12. When ticking a model release box, a red triangle shows up. Why?

  • When you hover your cursor over the triangle, the nature of the error will show. In this case, most likely: "One or more releases have incomplete information".
  • Just double-click the release in the list to bring up its edit window. Model releases need to have a Date of Birth set. This is a new requirement since the iStock/Getty unification. Enter the date and click OK (the other fields are optional): the red triangle will go away, once you've done this for all model releases.

General questions about DeepMeta

F1. What does DeepMeta do?

  • DeepMeta is a portfolio management tool, tightly integrated with iStock. It is the official tool, provided by iStock for free to its users, both exclusive and non-exclusive.
    It allows you to maintain a local library of files on your PC/Mac (images, illustrations, videos, ...), which make up your iStock portfolio. Using a native application provides a rich and streamlined user interface for keywording your artwork and preparing it for upload. You can prepare your new files in DeepMeta and these will uploaded in batch to iStock. There are also a range of statistics and tools to help you with your workflow.

F2. What computer platforms does this software run on?

F3. What options do I have to run DeepMeta on Linux

  • One option is:
    This tool is free, however, as with most of these tools, you still have to own/purchase a Windows license.
  • VMWare is another option

F4. Is this FREE software? Can I donate something?

  • DeepMeta is the official portfolio management tool, provided by iStock for free to its users, both exclusive and non-exclusive.

F5. When installing DeepMeta, I get this error "The windows Installer service could not be accessed". What to do?

  • The full error message is: ""The windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running windows in safe mode, or if the windows installer is not correctly installed".
    There is a lot of info on this error online. Here is a page from Microsoft with tips on what to do.
    You may simply want to upgrade to the latest version of windows installer. If you're running Windows XP, then this is the download link.

F6. How many keywords can I add to my files, and why is this more than iStock allows?

  • The DeepMeta philosophy is not to limit the number of keywords you can select for your files.
    Adding keywords and categories is a creative process, and we don't want to limit the user at that stage. The iStock limits on number of keywords may change in the future.
    DeepMeta will only send the first allowed number of keywords to iStock.

F7. Does DeepMeta work with Video?

  • From Version 3 onwards, video uploads are supported.

F8. Using the filter in the DeepMeta file list, I seem to get files that I didn't expect. Some don't make sense.

  • The reason is that DM searches in keywords, as well as all assigned "terms".
    E.g. the keyword "tweezers", can be assigned to the term "Eyebrow Tweezers (Toiletries)". A search for "oil" would come up with this file, since "oil" is part of that text.
    The filter options will be enhanced in future versions.

F9. Why does the data in DeepMeta not exactly match what I see on the iStock site?

  • When you let DeepMeta fetch data from the iStock site, it does so in real-time. However, the iStock servers themselves do not provide the very latest data (downloads, views, ...).
    There can be a delay of up to 24h for the latest data.

F10. When installing a new version of DeepMeta, do I need to uninstall the previous one? (PC only)

  • No, the new version will automatically update the existing one.
    Note that there is one exception: if, for some reason you would be installing an older version of DeepMeta over a newer one (a downgrade instead of upgrade), then you first have to uninstall DeepMeta. From the Windows Start menu, go to "Control panel", select "Add or remove programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs and features" (Windows Vista/7/8), locate DeepMeta and click "uninstall".
    Make sure DeepMeta is not running while you upgrade!

F11. How do I add one or more keywords to selected files?

  • You can do this with the DeepMeta Copy & paste tool. Just add 1 dummy file to DeepMeta, one that you're not going to upload. Assign the keyword(s) to it that you want to add. Then simply use the Copy & paste tool to copy the keyword(s) to a bunch of files. Make sure the "Overwrite" boxes in the Copy & Paste window are NOT ticked, else the existing keywords of the target files are first cleared!. It's a bit of a work-around to do it this way, but there'll be an easier way in future versions of the software.

F12. How do I clear the local DeepMeta database and why would I want to do that?

  • DeepMeta uses a local database to store a copy of all data retrieved from iStock for your account, and for any local changes you make to your files. The only reason you'd ever want to clear this database is in cases where it may have become corrupt. If you think this is the case, contact support and we'll evaluate.
    To clear the local database: in the DeepMeta main menu, select "Help | About" (on Windows) or "DeepMeta | About DeepMeta" (on Mac) to open up the "About DeepMeta" window. Then click the link/button near the bottom "Clear local DeepMeta database", and confirm.
    Note that by clearing the database, you lose any local changes you've done in DeepMeta, along with Model/Property release data, not-yet-uploaded files, etc.
    After clearing the database, you'll have to reload your portfolio data from iStock (F5).

F13. I get the error "Name resolution failed. The remote name could not be resolved". What can I do?

  • This means that DeepMeta cannot access the internet for some reason. Possible causes:
    • Your network connection is (temporarily) down, interrupted, or your dial-up connection is off.
    • You have a firewall, proxy or router blocking access to the internet for DeepMeta. Examples are: Windows firewall, OneCare, Norton, etc.

F14. When I run DeepMeta, I see multiple connections to "xyz". What are these connections?

  • DeepMeta itself communicates with 2 servers only: and
    Thumbnail images for iStock are often served by servers from Akamai.
    Also note that the Description preview feature of DeepMeta uses an embedded browser window to show a preview of your file descriptions. If those contain links to e.g. thumbnails images to lightboxes that you are hosting somewhere, those URLs will also be fetched. Check the DeepMeta Privacy statement for more info.

F15. How do I delete a file which is in the Queue or waiting to go into the Queue?

  • A file which is in DeepMeta and not yet uploaded to iStock, can easily be deleted in the "File" or "Upload" tab page, by right-clicking the file row in the table and clicking "Delete" in the pop-up menu.
  • If the file is already uploaded to iStock, then you'll have to cancel it on the iStock site.

F16. Where does DeepMeta store its database and thumbnail files?

F17. Where can I go for support?

F18. Is my iStock username and password safe, when I enter it in the software?