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previous software version details

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.24 - Japanese version only (July 16, 2017)

  • Extra translations added
  • Fix for uploading Releases with Ethnicity specified

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.23 (June 22, 2017)

  • Minor fix to previous release, to preserve settings such as v2 import date. If you already upgraded to v3.0.22, there is no need to install this update

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.22 (June 22, 2017)

  • File list preview pane now shows a better quality thumbnail (if available)
  • Windows: Opening default browser saga continued: a new attempt to make it work in all windows versions ;)
  • Windows: fixed the issue where Release path was not always being remembered
  • Adding files now uses the last used directory for the given type: Photo, Illustration, Video or Editorial. Note that this data is not initially present, so the first time it will start from the last directory.
  • More robust handling of Audio statement import
  • Statement with no items (no sales) are no longer considered an error and get the "Processed" status instead of just "Added"
  • File list: 4 columns can be added: Downloads, Royalty, Views, Last Download date. Attention: these merely reflect old data imported from DeepMeta v2! They do NOT reflect up-to-date statistics!
    These columns are only populated after a DeepMeta v2 import has been done.
  • The right-hand preview panes for Batches, Files and Releases now update when the data they show has changed in the background.
  • When selecting a single item in the file list and activating "copy" (Ctrl-C on windows, Cmd-C on Mac), the keywords are placed on the Win/Mac clipboard. This was already so in previous versions, but now the actual valid terms are copied, instead of the original ones extracted from the JPG/MOV
  • When selecting multiple items in the file list and activating "copy" (Ctrl-C on windows, Cmd-C on Mac), all data of all selected files is placed on the Win/Mac clipboard in TSV format (Tab Separated Values), ready to be pasted in Excel or similar.
  • Hopefully a fix for some users on non English versions of Windows 7, where the Statistics page did not render or gave errors.
  • Windows: Fix for app error reported by windows, after dismissing the dialog window that pops up if user starts DeepMeta immediately after closing it.
  • S+ Nomination checkbox now only shown to exclusive contributors: allowed for Creative Photos and non-raster Illustrations

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.21 (June 12, 2017)

  • Video uploads: Poster/thumbnail image can now be selected in DeepMeta: simply drag the slider under the thumbnail on the File Details Window.
    Note that DeepMeta will prevent you from using the first and last 5 frames, because ESP does not like these frames (you'd get an error).
  • If a Video Poster frame was set in the MOV file, e.g. in Quicktime Pro 7, DeepMeta recognizes the data and passes it on to ESP at upload.
  • The file list now shows some details in the right hand preview pane: width, height, file size. Videos show additional info, like framerate, codec, etc. (only for files added with this release or later...)
  • Release list preview pane now allows full size preview and shows the Release data fields
  • File list preview pane thumbnails now scale better with width of the pane
  • Clicking a thumbnail or link on the Statistics page now opens the iStock page for that file, instead of the Getty page
  • Fix: Videos don't require a "creation date". The Mac version now no longer shows 1981 for video files in the file list, but leaves the date empty
  • Fix for DeepMeta v2 import error: "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream"
  • Fix for files that failed to upload, yet could no longer be edited either
  • Fix for "422: file_name can't be blank" error, when uploading releases imported from DeepMeta v2 in certain scenarios.

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.20 (June 5, 2017)

  • Sync will now automatically import DeepMeta v2 data (if you tick the checkbox under the Sync button), so that your entire portfolio is shown in DeepMeta. It will only do this once of course. The imported files are placed in separate batches, grouped per file type. If you had not-yet-uploaded files in DeepMeta v2, these will also show up. You can upload or delete them, in case you already did this by now. Statistics per file from DeepMeta v2 (downloads, royalty, views) are also imported, but not yet shown in the UI, to avoid confusion. They'll become viewable in DeepMeta once it's safe to show them ;) After the import, you can delete the old v2 data using the "delete ALL DeepMeta v2 data" button on the "Preferences - Advanced" window, or you can do this at a later date. It might be good to wait a little longer in case some extra info can still be extracted in the next fiew versions. In any case, now is a good time to backup the DeepMeta data folder. There is data there that might not ever become available through the new Getty ESP system!
  • Fix for audio statement file import. (hopefully)
  • Win: Fix for DeepMeta silently failing on some PCs at startup, due to old local DeepMeta settings.
  • If a Release is added to DeepMeta, which already exists: a warning is given (as we already did for files as well)
  • Fix for admins so that only their own batches are returned by sync
  • Sync now correctly keeps the original "Nominated" flag, literally meaning that the contributor nominated the file for S+, regardless of whether it was accepted as S+ or not. This will only work for files uploaded with ESP from v3.0.20 onwards.
  • DeepMeta is now better at finding out whether a file was accepted as S+
  • New columns available: iStock ID and Master ID. The current "ID" is now renamed to "ESPID"
  • Sync: fix for "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in case the user has no access to Royalty Statements
  • Win: any action resulting in launching the web browser will now open the default browser setup by the user in Windows
  • Preferences window - Advanced: there's now an "Open" button to open explorer/finder to immediately go to the DeepMeta database folder
  • Preferences window - Advanced: now shows whether "old" DeepMeta v2 data was found on your system, and when it was imported (or not). There are now buttons to import the v2 data or to delete it.
  • Preferences panel, advanced: DeepMeta data path now has a link/button "Open" to open Explorer/Finder on that directory
  • File list: "ID" column renamed to "ESP ID" (internal ID assigned when uploaded to ESP and shown on the ESP site).
  • Two additional columns are now available (add them yourself): "ID" (the Getty Master ID, as shown on the iStock and Getty main sites) and "iStock ID" (the legacy iStock ID as shown in DeepMeta v2).
  • Fix for duplicate Review thumbnails after syncing multiple times (one duplicate was added with each sync)
  • Statistics: Connect-"sales" no longer count as downloads
  • Sales section: sorting by royalty (statement) month now works correctly.
  • When submitting a file, its filename is now also shown in the history list
  • Improved exchange of keyword language with ESP server
  • Fixed issues with Statistics page showing popup "script error"
  • Cleaner buttons in the top toolbar on Windows 7

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.19 (May 18, 2017)

  • Sync is now much faster and better reports detected changes that happened at the ESP server (shown in the history list)
  • Fix for sync: batch information (counts) was not always updated
  • Fix for Statement download: more variations of statement formats are now recognized. Non-exclusives should now get better results.
  • Mac: Fix for crash when opening Details window fora File or Release if downloaded thumbnail was corrupt.
  • Mac: More readable display of duration in the history panel
  • If you have created a secondary password at the ESP site, DeepMeta cannot access your Royalty statements. This is now properly reported. (we hope to add support for this soon)

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.18 (May 12, 2017)

  • Fixed crash in Mac version and empty Statistics page in Windows version when certain type of data was present in the raw statements
  • Statistics: clicking on a thumbnail (in thumbnail view) or on the ID (in list view) opens browser with relevant page at the Getty site (if available)
  • Fixed date in tooltips sometimes being truncated
  • More colors for the charts
  • Adding of a Thumbnail column in the Sales list temporarily disabled (planned for later)
  • Statistics: in File list, if value < $0.01 then it is shown as such, instead of $0.00

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.17 (May 11, 2017)

  • Three brand new sections added: Statements, Sales and Statistics. See the documentation for Statements & Sales and for Statistics.
  • Fix for "Could not parse response from ESP server" and "404: Couldn't find SubmissionBatch with 'id'=" during Sync.
  • Better "cancel" behavior for the Sync functionality
  • Windows: more spacing between Cancel and OK buttons
  • Mac: search field is now properly cleared when switching to a new section
  • Shoot country is now always defaulted to the last one used, unless we can extract it from (editorial) metadata. Up to now we only did this when the "File details" window was opened, which confused some users. (file reported an error and just opening the File Details form and OK-ing it "solved" the error, while in fact what happened is that we defaulted the country)
  • Fix: Non-cv keywords now properly saved between restarts for all use cases.
  • When uploading, DeepMeta will now re-verify the keywords, to cope with possible CV changes in-between.

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.16 (Apr 17, 2017)

  • Mac: Much faster startup of DeepMeta
  • Fix for unjustified "Warning: file was already added" when adding Raster illustrations to DeepMeta
  • Fix for sorting by Error-count
  • DeepMeta now checks if added JPG is 3Mpixels minimum. This is the new limit imposed by ESP (used to be 1.92 Mpixels for iStock)
  • If error occurs when adding files to DeepMeta, a warning popup is shown (this functionality was accidentally removed in prev versions)
  • Windows: when adding new files to DeepMeta, the last used path is chosen, but is now first checked for existence. Some Windows setups did not show the dialog window if the path no longer exists (e.g. due to an USB stick being removed)
  • Better handling of errors and retries during uploads. Many internal changes in this department to cope with various real-life ESP error scenarios
  • Updated texts for the Japanese version
  • Main toolbar now shows separate icons for Add Files and Add releases instead of a dropdown menu

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.15 (Apr 4, 2017)

  • Fix for unjustified "Format is not supported" error when adding certain video files to DeepMeta

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.14 (Mar 31, 2017)

  • Drag-and-drop for adding files: just drag JPG/ESP/MOV files from file explorer/finder on top of the DeepMeta window and drop them. They will be added. See it in action at the bottom of the Getting started - Adding files page.
  • Thumbnails for Property releases no longer cropped to top-right corner. For model releases, that's where the ID Picture of the model is, Property releases can have all kinds of content.
  • Windows: auto-fit columns now works
  • Windows: Release- and Review panels can now also have variable row height.
  • Windows: row height is now persisted between restarts
  • Windows: File details window: better contrast for already selected keywords

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.13 (Mar 28, 2017)

  • Attention: This release contains some new features. Please check out the new "Getting Started" sections: Sync and Reviews. Other sections have been updated as well to describe recently added functionality.
  • Fix for adding releases from within the File details window
  • Windows: changed colors of keyword boxes for better legibility

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.12 (Mar 27, 2017)

  • Attention: This release contains some new features. These will be described in the "Getting Started" section soon. Sync and Reviews already have a brief introduction.
  • Sync feature added: fetching batch and file data from the ESP server. Note that keywords and releases are not yet fetched in this version of DeepMeta.
  • New "Reviews" section. Get an overview of all your reviews in one list. Right-click and "View batch on ESP site" to open the relevant ESP page in your browser.
  • Move files to different batch or to a new batch. Right-click a file and select "Move". A window will pop up allowing you to select where to move the file.
  • Adding video files now much faster.
  • Re-import file feature added.
  • Files now recognized when added a second time to DeepMeta.
  • Batches and Files, when sorted by Status, now follow a logical order (from ToEdit to Rejected), not alphabetical. Suggestions for tweaks of this order are welcome.
  • Changing the type of a batch is now allowed as long as no files are in it.
  • When new batch is created, the proposed type is that of the most recently created batch.
  • Content warnings can now also be copy/pasted.
  • Windows: fix for display bug when deleting items in a list.
  • When DeepMeta 3 is installed for the first time, the default will now be to copy files to the local folder until uploaded. This was the default in DeepMeta 2 as well.
  • If in Preferences, the option 'make local copy' was not selected, but the user moved the physical files before upload: detect this and give a warning.
  • Windows: the width of the left hand side menu is now remembered between restarts of DeepMeta. Side menu now has icons, same as in Mac version.
  • Fix for Content warnings not being saved in certain circumstances.
  • Fix (hopefully) for dates sometimes being off by 1 day.
  • Fix for adding very large files (Giga pixels). Previous fix was not covering many cases.
  • Fix for Creation date not properly extracted from EXIF metadata in JPG (IPTC worked fine though).
  • Release form now allows changing the name of the release. The name is optional and only for convenience of the user. Is not sent to the ESP site.
  • Fix for local copies of files not always being deleted when the file itself is deleted in the DeepMeta UI.

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.11 (Mar 10, 2017)

  • Fix for error in upload logic when Advanced Preference "Submit after upload" is not set
  • Fix for error where item with state "QueuedForSubmit" could not be removed from queue
  • Better handling of AWS 404 errors
  • During upload, DeepMeta no longer retries requests that wannot be solved by retrying.
  • Mac: description field now has spell checking
  • File details window now has checkbox "show all releases": when ticked: all releases are shown, else only the releases in that batch are shown
  • Mac: list no longer loses its selection after editing
  • Windows: when pasting text in the keyword field of the File details window, the cursor no longer jumps to the start of that field, but remains where it was.
  • Windows: File details windows: after adding keywords, the keyword input gets focus again, so that a next set of keywords can be typed.
  • BriefID and EventID no longer copied from batch to files upon import (was just causing confusion)
  • Batch form & File details form: BriefID and EventID: leading and trailing spaces removed
  • Set sensible min- and max sizes to all windows and splitters
  • Copy/paste added for BriefID/EventID
  • File details form: EventID now checked for validity
  • File details form: shows number of characters in the description. Max is 2000.
  • Brief code and Event ID specified at file level now properly sent to ESP server. (though it seems ESP site itself no longer allows this for editorial Event IDs. Will investigate)
  • US-West region always used for illustration uploads, until ESP server problems with other regions are solved. (avoids "corrupt" illustration files)
  • Editorial files now extract City/State and place it at front of description.
  • Windows: if adding files failed due to an invalid path (e.g. a USB drive disconnected), clear the path so that the File select window opens upon the next attempt. (experimental)
  • Batch form: marked "Note" and "Brief ID/Event ID" as "optional": some users think it's obliged to fill this in.
  • Upload History now also shows filename

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.10 (Mar 3, 2017)

  • Thumbnail for releases now use top right part of the release, where visual reference is. (feedback welcome!)
  • If there are errors adding files or releases, a popup warns about this
  • Windows: fix for clicking link in File preview pane for paths that contain spaces
  • Mac: clicking link in File preview pane now opens that file, just like the windows version
  • Windows: File details window: pasting in keyword box no longer clears what's already in there.
  • New column can be added to the File list: "File name": more useful than the existing "File path". Only shows the name of the file, excluding the (often long) full path
  • File details window now shows the filename at the bottom.
  • Batch dropdown list in top toolbar now wider and sorted by batch name
  • Windows: fix for "out of memory" errors for files with large pixel count. Files of gigapixel sizes can now be handled.
  • History list now also shows filename.
  • Preferences: now allows changing the keywording language in DeepMeta (instead of having to change the profile at the ESP site). Note that due to how the ESP server works, the language chosen must not change between keywording and uploading. So don't change this setting too often.
  • Preferences: "File handling" section added : allows files to be copied locally until uploaded, as was the default in DeepMeta 2. This allows moving the original files right after adding them to DeepMeta
  • "Submit after upload" tick-box moved from Upload panel to the Preferences - Advanced window
  • Content warning can now optionally be specified in the File Details window

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.9 (Feb 28, 2017)

  • Windows: Fixed incorrect list display when sending files to the upload queue
  • Windows: clicking a link in the preview now opens that file in Windows (will soon come to Mac as well)
  • Fix for "cannot access a disposed object" error during upload
  • Better handling of IPTC data with duplicate separators
  • We no longer wait for thumbnails to be generated before submitting. Is not strictly needed and can take a very long time
  • Windows: last "Add file" and "Add release" paths now remembered (was already so in mac version)
  • Windows: fix for "Cannot store to clipboard" error when pasting.
  • Copy/paste now copies all keywords, also the non-refined ones
  • Upload section now has a checkbox "Submit after upload"
  • More error reporting added for upload errors
  • Some corrections to Japanese translations

Windows: Changes in v3.0.8 (Feb 23, 2017)

  • Windows: fix for import of EXIT/IPTC data from JPG files.

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.7 (Feb 23, 2017)

  • JPG files that are not RGB (but instead CMYK or something else) are detected when added to DeepMeta. Getty does not accept these.
  • Mac: File details window: fixed issue where "Valid keyword" error triangle gave wrong status upon initially showing the window.
  • Mac: File details window: constraint added to avoid keyword input field area being made too small, dragging the horizontal splitter underneath
  • History list in Upload section now only shows Upload related items (the History section still shows all, including added file results)
  • If the ESP server failed to generate thumbnail: file is not submitted, even if server says its allowed
  • Workaround for thumbnails sometimes not being generated at ESP server after upload of Vector Illustrations
  • Windows: better list behavior, no longer losing selection after certain actions.
  • Double-clicking a batch in the batch list now jumps to the file view of that batch
  • DeepMeta tries harder when network errors occur.
  • As requested by many: releases are now global and not per batch, as was the case in DeepMeta 2. The "batch" column in the Release list now shows "*", meaning that it might be used multiple batches.
  • When adding releases in the File details window, the added batches are now automatically assigned to that file.
  • Copying releases across batches is now fully supported and should not result in errors.
  • Files stuck in "To submit" state can now be moved to the upload queue for a new attempt

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.6 (Feb 20, 2017)

  • Top dropdown now shows the newest batches on top (batches sorted by "Added at" date/time)
  • File details window: the keyword input box can now be dragged to be higher, accomodating multiple lines of text
  • File details window: pasting keywords separated by newlines now properly handled
  • File details window: S+ nomination option only shown for "Creative Images". Is not allowed for other types of file/batch
  • Mac: support for OSX 10.7 - 10.9 (Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks)
  • Japanese versions: some language corrections. (note that some new functionality may still be shown in English. Upon user request, we decided to release other language releases at same time as English versions)

Windows: Changes in v3.0.5 (Feb 16, 2017)

  • Fix for startup issue, where sometimes not all batches and files would show in the list (depending on speed of disk)

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.4 (Feb 16, 2017)

  • Fix for illustrations: thumbnail field no longer cleared. after upload to ESP
  • Right-click menu item added for uploaded files: "Download from ESP". Allows verifying if upload went well (mostly for testing Illustration issues)
  • Fix for error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Batch and File lists now have right-click menu option "View on ESP site". Opens browser with relevant ESP page.
  • File details window now allows the keyword itself to be clicked and added to the left hand column.
  • Smarter auto term selection: if only one term and exact same name as the tag: auto added
  • Warning if trying to add more than 100 files to a batch
  • Preferences: added "Clear preferences" to Advanced tab
  • Windows: Fix for duplicate items in lists
  • Better retries on bad network conditions
  • Max keyword count respected when sending to ESP

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.3 (Feb 10, 2017)

  • DeepMeta now available in Japanese! Other languages will follow.
  • Further improvements on error reporting
  • Main menu expanded with additional options
  • Mac: copy/paste fixed
  • File detail panel now shows popup when error occurs in communication with ESP server
  • Localization preparation done. Ready for additional languages. Japanese is next, then Brazilian
  • Set max keyword count to 50
  • Set min JPG pixelsize to 1920000
  • Newtork/server Timeout now reported separately instead of msg "A task was canceled"
  • AWS uploads now bigger timeout: from 100 sec to 4 min

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.2 (Feb 9, 2017)

  • Thanks to everyone for submitting your bug reports and feature requests! This release fixes a number of the reported issues, but not all. Expect additional updates in the coming days.
  • More detailed error reporting
  • UploadRegion now persists
  • Win: keyword panels: better legibility
  • Support for keywords not in CV. Are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • New keywords now added to the top of right hand list, instead at the bottom
  • Mac: keyword boxes can now be deleted
  • Win: Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now work for Copy/Paste
  • History pane now also on Upload panel
  • Trying to import an EPS illustration without JPG raster/thumbnail is now properly flagged with an error
  • Batches and Files can now always be deleted in DeepMeta. Has no effect on the already existing Batches and Files on ESP
  • Fix for where top batch selection list to jump back to "all batches" when not requested.
  • New windows installer system (exe instead of msi). Hopefully fixes install issues reported by some users?

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.1 (Feb 6, 2017)

  • Thanks to everyone for submitting your bug reports and feature requests! This release fixes a number of the reported issues, but not all. Expect additional updates in the coming days.
  • More detailed error reporting
  • Fix for Win version, where release tick boxes got unticked when switching between files
  • Duplicate keyword terms are automatically removed
  • Only the first 50 keywords are now sent to the ESP site, avoiding errors when more were present
  • Last selected country is now default for new files
  • Help button added to Preferences panel, linking to info on what to do in case of login problems
  • Button added to Preferences panel, linking to the ESP keyword language selection page. Select "English". There is still a problem with other languages at the moment
  • Upload now continued with next in queue in case of an upload or submit error
  • Keyword count now shown on the File Details panel
  • Fix for DeepMeta giving an unjustified error on filesize of editorial preview/thumbnail JPGs
  • Mac users: note that OSX 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 not yet supported. I'm working on that.

Windows & macOS: DeepMeta v3.0 (Feb 3, 2017) - now available!

  • Here's a quick introduction video of the functionality and workflow. More to follow soon.
  • Thanks to everyone at iStock HQ who made this possible!

Windows & OS X: Versions 1.x up to 2.x

  • These update logs have been archived