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previous software version details

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.11 (Mar 10, 2017)

  • Fix for error in upload logic when Advanced Preference "Submit after upload" is not set
  • Fix for error where item with state "QueuedForSubmit" could not be removed from queue
  • Better handling of AWS 404 errors
  • During upload, DeepMeta no longer retries requests that wannot be solved by retrying.
  • Mac: description field now has spell checking
  • File details window now has checkbox "show all releases": when ticked: all releases are shown, else only the releases in that batch are shown
  • Mac: list no longer loses its selection after editing
  • Windows: when pasting text in the keyword field of the File details window, the cursor no longer jumps to the start of that field, but remains where it was.
  • Windows: File details windows: after adding keywords, the keyword input gets focus again, so that a next set of keywords can be typed.
  • BriefID and EventID no longer copied from batch to files upon import (was just causing confusion)
  • Batch form & File details form: BriefID and EventID: leading and trailing spaces removed
  • Set sensible min- and max sizes to all windows and splitters
  • Copy/paste added for BriefID/EventID
  • File details form: EventID now checked for validity
  • File details form: shows number of characters in the description. Max is 2000.
  • Brief code and Event ID specified at file level now properly sent to ESP server. (though it seems ESP site itself no longer allows this for editorial Event IDs. Will investigate)
  • US-West region always used for illustration uploads, until ESP server problems with other regions are solved. (avoids "corrupt" illustration files)
  • Editorial files now extract City/State and place it at front of description.
  • Windows: if adding files failed due to an invalid path (e.g. a USB drive disconnected), clear the path so that the File select window opens upon the next attempt. (experimental)
  • Batch form: marked "Note" and "Brief ID/Event ID" as "optional": some users think it's obliged to fill this in.
  • Upload History now also shows filename

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.10 (Mar 3, 2017)

  • Thumbnail for releases now use top right part of the release, where visual reference is. (feedback welcome!)
  • If there are errors adding files or releases, a popup warns about this
  • Windows: fix for clicking link in File preview pane for paths that contain spaces
  • Mac: clicking link in File preview pane now opens that file, just like the windows version
  • Windows: File details window: pasting in keyword box no longer clears what's already in there.
  • New column can be added to the File list: "File name": more useful than the existing "File path". Only shows the name of the file, excluding the (often long) full path
  • File details window now shows the filename at the bottom.
  • Batch dropdown list in top toolbar now wider and sorted by batch name
  • Windows: fix for "out of memory" errors for files with large pixel count. Files of gigapixel sizes can now be handled.
  • History list now also shows filename.
  • Preferences: now allows changing the keywording language in DeepMeta (instead of having to change the profile at the ESP site). Note that due to how the ESP server works, the language chosen must not change between keywording and uploading. So don't change this setting too often.
  • Preferences: "File handling" section added : allows files to be copied locally until uploaded, as was the default in DeepMeta 2. This allows moving the original files right after adding them to DeepMeta
  • "Submit after upload" tick-box moved from Upload panel to the Preferences - Advanced window
  • Content warning can now optionally be specified in the File Details window

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.9 (Feb 28, 2017)

  • Windows: Fixed incorrect list display when sending files to the upload queue
  • Windows: clicking a link in the preview now opens that file in Windows (will soon come to Mac as well)
  • Fix for "cannot access a disposed object" error during upload
  • Better handling of IPTC data with duplicate separators
  • We no longer wait for thumbnails to be generated before submitting. Is not strictly needed and can take a very long time
  • Windows: last "Add file" and "Add release" paths now remembered (was already so in mac version)
  • Windows: fix for "Cannot store to clipboard" error when pasting.
  • Copy/paste now copies all keywords, also the non-refined ones
  • Upload section now has a checkbox "Submit after upload"
  • More error reporting added for upload errors
  • Some corrections to Japanese translations

Windows: Changes in v3.0.8 (Feb 23, 2017)

  • Windows: fix for import of EXIT/IPTC data from JPG files.

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.7 (Feb 23, 2017)

  • JPG files that are not RGB (but instead CMYK or something else) are detected when added to DeepMeta. Getty does not accept these.
  • Mac: File details window: fixed issue where "Valid keyword" error triangle gave wrong status upon initially showing the window.
  • Mac: File details window: constraint added to avoid keyword input field area being made too small, dragging the horizontal splitter underneath
  • History list in Upload section now only shows Upload related items (the History section still shows all, including added file results)
  • If the ESP server failed to generate thumbnail: file is not submitted, even if server says its allowed
  • Workaround for thumbnails sometimes not being generated at ESP server after upload of Vector Illustrations
  • Windows: better list behavior, no longer losing selection after certain actions.
  • Double-clicking a batch in the batch list now jumps to the file view of that batch
  • DeepMeta tries harder when network errors occur.
  • As requested by many: releases are now global and not per batch, as was the case in DeepMeta 2. The "batch" column in the Release list now shows "*", meaning that it might be used multiple batches.
  • When adding releases in the File details window, the added batches are now automatically assigned to that file.
  • Copying releases across batches is now fully supported and should not result in errors.
  • Files stuck in "To submit" state can now be moved to the upload queue for a new attempt

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.6 (Feb 20, 2017)

  • Top dropdown now shows the newest batches on top (batches sorted by "Added at" date/time)
  • File details window: the keyword input box can now be dragged to be higher, accomodating multiple lines of text
  • File details window: pasting keywords separated by newlines now properly handled
  • File details window: S+ nomination option only shown for "Creative Images". Is not allowed for other types of file/batch
  • Mac: support for OSX 10.7 - 10.9 (Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks)
  • Japanese versions: some language corrections. (note that some new functionality may still be shown in English. Upon user request, we decided to release other language releases at same time as English versions)

Windows: Changes in v3.0.5 (Feb 16, 2017)

  • Fix for startup issue, where sometimes not all batches and files would show in the list (depending on speed of disk)

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.4 (Feb 16, 2017)

  • Fix for illustrations: thumbnail field no longer cleared. after upload to ESP
  • Right-click menu item added for uploaded files: "Download from ESP". Allows verifying if upload went well (mostly for testing Illustration issues)
  • Fix for error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Batch and File lists now have right-click menu option "View on ESP site". Opens browser with relevant ESP page.
  • File details window now allows the keyword itself to be clicked and added to the left hand column.
  • Smarter auto term selection: if only one term and exact same name as the tag: auto added
  • Warning if trying to add more than 100 files to a batch
  • Preferences: added "Clear preferences" to Advanced tab
  • Windows: Fix for duplicate items in lists
  • Better retries on bad network conditions
  • Max keyword count respected when sending to ESP

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.3 (Feb 10, 2017)

  • DeepMeta now available in Japanese! Other languages will follow.
  • Further improvements on error reporting
  • Main menu expanded with additional options
  • Mac: copy/paste fixed
  • File detail panel now shows popup when error occurs in communication with ESP server
  • Localization preparation done. Ready for additional languages. Japanese is next, then Brazilian
  • Set max keyword count to 50
  • Set min JPG pixelsize to 1920000
  • Newtork/server Timeout now reported separately instead of msg "A task was canceled"
  • AWS uploads now bigger timeout: from 100 sec to 4 min

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.2 (Feb 9, 2017)

  • Thanks to everyone for submitting your bug reports and feature requests! This release fixes a number of the reported issues, but not all. Expect additional updates in the coming days.
  • More detailed error reporting
  • UploadRegion now persists
  • Win: keyword panels: better legibility
  • Support for keywords not in CV. Are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • New keywords now added to the top of right hand list, instead at the bottom
  • Mac: keyword boxes can now be deleted
  • Win: Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now work for Copy/Paste
  • History pane now also on Upload panel
  • Trying to import an EPS illustration without JPG raster/thumbnail is now properly flagged with an error
  • Batches and Files can now always be deleted in DeepMeta. Has no effect on the already existing Batches and Files on ESP
  • Fix for where top batch selection list to jump back to "all batches" when not requested.
  • New windows installer system (exe instead of msi). Hopefully fixes install issues reported by some users?

Windows & macOS: Changes in v3.0.1 (Feb 6, 2017)

  • Thanks to everyone for submitting your bug reports and feature requests! This release fixes a number of the reported issues, but not all. Expect additional updates in the coming days.
  • More detailed error reporting
  • Fix for Win version, where release tick boxes got unticked when switching between files
  • Duplicate keyword terms are automatically removed
  • Only the first 50 keywords are now sent to the ESP site, avoiding errors when more were present
  • Last selected country is now default for new files
  • Help button added to Preferences panel, linking to info on what to do in case of login problems
  • Button added to Preferences panel, linking to the ESP keyword language selection page. Select "English". There is still a problem with other languages at the moment
  • Upload now continued with next in queue in case of an upload or submit error
  • Keyword count now shown on the File Details panel
  • Fix for DeepMeta giving an unjustified error on filesize of editorial preview/thumbnail JPGs
  • Mac users: note that OSX 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 not yet supported. I'm working on that.

Windows & macOS: DeepMeta v3.0 (Feb 3, 2017) - now available!

  • Here's a quick introduction video of the functionality and workflow. More to follow soon.
  • Thanks to everyone at iStock HQ who made this possible!

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.1.2 (Aug 7, 2016) - Brazilian Portuguese version only

  • We're proud to present DeepMeta now available in Brazilian Portuguese!
  • The feature set is the same as the English version
  • Thanks to everyone at iStock HQ who made this possible!

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.23 (July 14, 2016) - English version

  • ATTENTION: Please note that from now on, keywords/categories cannot be edited once the file has been uploaded.
  • Keywords and category edits are locked for uploaded files.
  • Copy & paste to uploaded files will not change keywords on the uploaded file
  • Please read the iStock press release for details

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.22 (June 6, 2016) - English version

  • Bugfix for crash when adding model/property releases.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.21 (June 4, 2016) - English version

  • New settings added the the Options (Windows) / Preferences (Mac) dialog: auto keyword/term and auto category selection is now optional and is off by default
  • New option added to truncate title imported from IPTC metadata to 10 words. This setting is also off by default.
  • Auto term selection for keywords is improved and less aggressive
  • Several improvements to extraction of editorial data from IPTC metadata upon import. Thanks for all helpful and detailed feedback!
  • If no errors are left after metadata import, the file status is correctly set to "To upload"

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.20 (June 2, 2016) - English version

  • Important fix for fetching file data from iStock. Please update if you used v2.0.18 or v2.0.19

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.19 (May 31, 2016) - English version

  • Fix for more reliable parsing of editorial info, embedded in the IPTC metadata when images are imported in DeepMeta. Please keep providing feedback on this new feature! Thanks.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.18 (May 30, 2016) - English version

  • DeepMeta will no longer retry failed uploads automatically. The retries sometimes resulted in duplicate uploads when the iStock servers had problems. Files that failed to upload are now immediately put back in the left-hand list and need to be placed in the right-hand DeepMeta upload queue for a retry.
  • If DeepMeta cannot retrieve account info from the iStock servers, it will default to allow S+ nominations. This avoids the problem of qualified users not being able to nominate, whenever the iStock servers failed to supply account info.
  • The "Nomination" state can now be copy/pasted from files already active.
  • DeepMeta now recognizes industry-standard editorial info, embedded in the IPTC metadata when images are imported in DeepMeta. Files with such metadata automatically get their editorial fields populated. Please provide feedback on this new feature! Thanks.
  • When importing images with keywords embedded in IPTC or when manually adding keywords, the most likely relevant terms are now auto-selected. The process is not perfect, so the user must still verify these choices before upload.
  • When keywords are found in the IPTC metadata when importing an image in DeepMeta, applicable categories will be auto-selected. The process is not perfect, so the user must still verify these choices before upload.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.1 (Mar 9, 2016) - Japanese only!

  • We're proud to present DeepMeta now available in Japanese!
  • The feature set is the same as the English version v2.0.17
  • Thanks to everyone at iStock HQ who made this possible!

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.17 (Aug 9, 2015)

  • Copy & paste now supports copying S+ nomination and Source media
  • Copy & paste "overwrite" checkbox renamed to "clear first"
  • Better batch editing support: a new Batch.jpg file is proposed as source for batch Copy & paste. Now allows deleting keywords as well as updating disambiguation.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.15 (Feb 16, 2015)

  • Updated editorial country list, conform with changes at the iStock site

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.14 (Feb 8, 2015)

  • In line with the iStock site changes, DeepMeta no longer has an option to mark new files as "Scanned film", to be inspected by the dedicated film queue inspectors. Instead, there is now following choice: "Photo/3D Render" or "Illustration (JPEG)".

OS X: Changes in v2.0.13 (Jan 21, 2015)

  • Since January 12, 2015, a few keywords appear to have gotton a weirdly-formatted ID. When such an ID is detected, the keyword is skipped instead of crashing DeepMeta

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.12 (Nov 29, 2014)

  • Nomination check-box now correctly disabled for non-exclusive members
  • Cleanup of display of the nomination count on the Upload page, and associated popup help text.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.11 (Sep 13, 2014)

  • This version was released in sync with the iStock site changes on Sep 13, 2014:
  • Collections have been restructured and renamed. The Vetta collection is gone. Only 3 collections remain: Essentials, Signature and Signature+
  • Note that, as with the previous "Main" collection, files in the "Essentials" collection do not have an icon in the DeepMeta collection column. Signature and Signature+ files do have their respective icons.
  • On the file details window for images, a "nominate for S+" checkbox is shown, instead of the old "nominate for Vetta" checkbox.
  • Illustrations cannot be nominated for Signature+, so the checkbox is disabled for these files on the file details window
  • The columns "Vetta" and "DollarBin/Value" can no longer be added to the DeepMeta file list. There are now "Signature" and "Signature+" columns that can be added if desired.
  • The DeepMeta upload pane now shows "Available S+ nominations", instead of "Available Vetta nominations"

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.10 (May 8, 2014)

  • Smarter login handling, avoiding the "4002 Account temporarily locked" error by not retrying as soon as "4002 Invalid login" received. User is prompted for entering a correct password when a login error occurred.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.8 (February 16, 2014)

  • Fix for unjustified warning that user is not yet accepted contributor in case they are video/audio/flash artists only.
  • DeepMeta no longer treats duplcate words in the title as errors, now that iStock has removed this constraint as well.
  • Low level auto-retries have been reduced from 2 to 1: if one retry doesn't help, a second one probably won't either.
  • Thumbnail linking no longer allowed to files not yet uploaded. These don't have their final ID yet, so the links would be invalid.
  • Description preview of images linked with https (as hosted by Dropbox or similar) is now displayed properly.

Windows & OS X: Changes in v2.0.7 (December 11, 2013)

  • Fix for error when adding illustration files to DeepMeta, having certain combinations of filename.

OS X: Changes in v2.0.6 (December 8, 2013)

  • Thumbnail linking to files that are not yet accepted is now allowed.
  • Fix for "Add new files" dialog that would stop working after selecting certain invalid file combinations.
  • Wider Preferences panel with smaller font for Test result: error message was clipped.
  • Error messages are no longer prepended with "Error:", since the Exception error string already starts with this word.

Windows: Changes in v2.0.6 (December 8, 2013)

  • Thumbnail linking to files that are not yet accepted is now allowed.
  • Fix for "Add new files" dialog that would stop working after selecting certain invalid file combinations.
  • Error messages are no longer prepended with "Error:", since the Exception error string already starts with this word.

OS X: Changes in v2.0.5 (November 17, 2013)

  • Fix for crash when canceling "add new keywords" sheet.
  • Fix for crash when canceling a Fetch from iStock, under certain circumsances.

Windows: Changes in v2.0.2 (November 17, 2013)

  • File list: More logical order when sorted by "Status".
  • Statistics panel now shows scrollbar if not all content fits in.

OS X: Changes in v2.0.4 (November 12, 2013)

  • Fix for large thumbnail and model release sizes on Retina Macs.
  • Stitching (combining) of model releases now also requires less memory during upload.

OS X: Changes in v2.0.3 (November 9, 2013)

  • Fix for error: "Invalid parameter not satisfying: level >= 0", occuring in File details, keyword panel. Also tested on OS X Mavericks.

OS X: Changes in v2.0.2 (October 28, 2013)

  • Attempted fix for error: "Invalid parameter not satisfying: level >= 0", occuring in File details, keyword panel. However, this fix did not work in all circumstances.

Changes in v2.0.1 (October 13, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • Fix: Thumbnails were not always correctly displayed in the preview panel
  • Thumbnail links can now be added to all files, except those in "Deactivated", "Rejected" or "Purged" state.
  • The Thumbnail line functionality now detects when the description already contains groups of thumbnail links (e.g. with titles inbetween). In that case, it leaves the description untouched, and adds new thumbnails at the end. This is more or less that way the old thumbnail link worked.
  • Minor fixes for the thumbnail link function, like correct detection of the max description length.

Windows only

  • Keyword order can now be changed using drag & drop.

Changes in v2.0 (October 6, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • This version is identical to v2.0 RC3 (Windows) and v2.0 RC2 (OS X)

Changes in v2.0 RC3, Release Candidate (September 29, 2013)

Windows only

  • Fix for "Error creating window handle" error after intensive keyword editing
  • When menu option "Add new files" is used while in the "Upload" pane, the newly added files now correctly show up in the "new" queue.

Changes in v2.0 RC2, Release Candidate (September 22, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • Fix: Thumbnail linking removed occurrences of lightbox UBB code under certain circumstances

Windows only

  • Fix: Exiting the Keyword panel (with ESC) while editing one of the keyword order boxes resulted in crash.

Changes in v2.0 RC1, Release Candidate (September 22, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • Find and replace: fix for line-break handling. Use \n to denote a line-break
  • Thumbnail linking: fix for line-break handling. Did not work properly for descriptions fetched from the iStock site. Also minor UI change for Heading input. Lock removed and now single line field.
  • File status "Processed" renamed into "Unfinished", making it more clear that these files are unfinished uploads, as they are also named at the iStock site. These files now also have a small explanatory text in the preview pane.
  • iStockphoto -> iStock rebranding

Changes in v2.0 Beta 4 (September 11, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • Fix: File details, keyword panel: keyword order was not properly updated after removal of one or more keywords.
  • File details, keyword panel: Button "Optimize" renamed to "Remove duplicates", which is more descriptive for its function.

Windows only

  • Fix: Ctrl-B shortcut was used for 2 actions: Backup menu item and the file list "View browser Edit page" action -> fixed by removing shortcut from the Backup menu option.
  • Fix: File details, keyword panel: Better placement of buttons for large screens.
  • Fix: Crash when editing keyword order, under certain circumstances. (hopefully fixed ... please report)

OS X only

  • Fix: "Update to iStock" and "Update from iStock" windows were not always correctly titled

Changes in v2.0 Beta 3 (September 10, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • New options/preferences: "Show $ balance on status bar" and "Show $ month earnings on status bar"
  • Find and replace: improved functionality:
    • Select "Where": "All files", "Shown (filtered) files" or "Selected files"
    • Live preview: see results as you type
    • More detailed reporting of performed actions
    • "Find and replace" is now available as right-click option on a number of selected files in the DeepMeta File list
  • File details window, Keywords panel: improved functionality:
    • Keyword entries now show the keyword order. Number 1 means: most important keyword (sent first to iStock site).
    • Click (Windows) or double-click (Mac) the order number of the keyword to change
    • 3 sort options are now available: "Sort by order", "Sort by name" or "Sort by status". Select "Sort by order" to see in what order the keywords are sent to iStock. Note that it is important to place the most relevant/important keywords first. The iStock site search will use this info for new uploads, until the file has gathered some statistics itself. Also, the first 4 keywords determine the new "Similar stock photos" section shown on the file detail page.
  • Create thumbnail links: improved functionality:
    • Choice to add the thumbnails to all files in the group, or to just one of them.
    • Thumbnail sorting: "No", "Increasing height" or "Decreasing height"
    • Option to insert a line-break between groups of different height
    • An optional heading text can be specified (click the "edit" button). Will be inserted before the thumbnails. If given text is already present in the file description, thumbnails will be inserted after it. The heading text can contain UBB.
    • Select one of the files in the list to view a live preview. Experiment with the options until the desired effect is obtained.
    • More detailed reporting of performed action
  • Fix for display of "Use count" of releases, which showed up wrong after making a few changes to release assignments to files.
  • Status strip at bottom now shows: "Retrieving account info ..." and if error: "Failed to retrieve account info".
  • Fix: UBB [size] tags in a description are now treated the same way as at the iStock site.

Windows only

  • Fix: The File Details panel now properly detects whether you have changed something, and only asks confirmation to cancel if something was actually edited.
  • Fix: When using up/down keys to navigate files, and then editing one of them and returning back to the list, clicking up/down again now properly goes to the next item, instead of the start of the list.
  • Fix: Auto-fit columns now works properly (if Row Height was not 40, resulted in tiny column widths). Also: width of Thumbnail column is now a better choice.

Changes in v2.0 Beta 2 (July 19, 2013)

Windows only

  • Fix: Windows installer did not correctly update all files in some circumstances, resulting in unpredictable behavior.

Changes in v2.0 Beta 1 (July 17, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • DeepMeta warns at startup if user doesn't have Upload approval yet (error 4004). If this is the case, this info is also shown in status bar.
  • The row height of all lists is now user-configurable. Right click on the list headers and select "Row height". 7 different sizes are available. After changing the row height, also drag the width of the thumbnail column to obtain optimal thumnail size.
  • The Statistics pane now has a new "Contributor stats" table, with all contributor statistics fetched from the iStock server. This informationis updated every 15 minutes.
  • The Status bar at the bottom now shows useful info, like login status, a selection of contributor statistics, number of pending and unfinished files, number of sitemail messages and a few notifications when appropriate. Clicking these sections triggers a relevant action, like showing a dialog. This info updates every 15 minutes.
  • The Upload pane now has a selection drop down for the type of file the free upload and nomination slots are shown. Attention: currently only works for Image files!
  • A new "Backup" menu item is added (under "File" in Windows, and under "DeepMeta" on Mac). This displays information on how to backup your local DeepMeta data.
  • When adding a file, the IPTC "Headline" field is used as title, if the IPTC "Title" field is empty. This means you can put your title in either IPTC fields.
  • It is now possible to fetch data from iStock (using the right-click context menu item) for files that are "Rejected". This can be useful if rejections are overturned.
  • When activating the "Editorial" check box on the File Details panel, the current Description field contents are used as initial content for the Editorial Caption. This used to be the title field contents.
  • Increased timeout to 2 hours for uploads, upon request by users with slow connections.
  • The "Delete" confirmation box now explains that only the local files are deleted, not the files at iStock.
  • When fetching data from iStock, if the status of a file has changed, a full fetch of that file data is done, since e.g. its assigned collection might also have changed.
  • Uploads now require less memory.

Windows only

  • Fix: After "find and replace", if changes not sent to iStock before exiting DeepMeta, those changes were lost. Now fixed. (was already fixed earlier in Mac version)
  • When the "check for updates" panel is up, the button is now called "Exit DeepMeta and go to download page". In older versions, DeepMeta would not exit, and if user installs update at same time, things went wrong.
  • Fetch from iStock panel no longer shows contributor stats first (since these are always available on the Stats panel now), and only 1 progress bar is shown.

OS X only!

  • "Re-import File (replace original)" is now also implemented on the OS X version. It allows replacing the original JPG file, if done before the upload.
  • DeepMeta automatically displays the "Preference" dialog at startup if no credentials entered yet.

Changes in v1.6 (June 24, 2013)

Windows & OS X

  • This version is nearly identical to v1.6 b3. Support for the new collections (Signature and Signature+) has been added. Start a "fetch all data" (Ctrl-F5) to update your data and its assigned collections. More specifically, "Signature" files will not be marked as such until you perform a "fetch all data".

Changes in v1.6 b3 (October 21, 2012)

Windows & OS X

  • DeepMeta now sends updated file data to the iStock site twice. This is a work-around for the iStock site problem which shows cached data on the File view page. Hopefully this bug will soon be fixed in the iStock site; as soon as this happens, I'll switch of the double updates in DeepMeta.

Changes in v1.6 b2 (October 20, 2012)

Windows only

  • Fix: Sorting by columns with an icon (thumbnnail, Collection, Errors, ...) now gives predictive order within the same icon. E.g. sorting files by Collection, now sorts files within each collection by ID.

Changes in v1.6 b1 (October 19, 2012)

Windows & OS X

  • Updated country list for Editorial (only Cura�ao not supported, due to iStock site encoding issues). Some of the countries in the Editorial drop-down box at the iStock site were renamed. The iStock API demands these exact same names, so they had to be adjusted in DeepMeta as well.
  • New encrypted password system (requires v1.6b1 or higher on all involved systems) -> "Restricted access" now imposes following restrictions:
    - Generating an encrypted credential is not possible
    - All statistics values shown as 0
    - Ratings and Stats tabs not shown
    - In Windows version: at F5 no more account stats shown. (in Mac version they were not shown anyway)
    More info on encrypted passwords here
  • All categories now up-to-date with categories on iStock site again
  • "Dollar Bin" renamed to "Value collection", conform with iStock site
  • File description text is no longer trimmed (removal of leading or trainling whitespace). Some users requested this, e.g. for more control over Copy and Paste.
  • More upload interval choices

Windows only

  • Moved to .Net 4.0 profile. More and more users installing on a new Windows install reported that .Net 2.0 (as was used by DeepMeta up to now) is no longer present. Most systems already have .Net v4.0, if not, you will be prompted to upgrade. Please report how this works for you!
  • New software installer. The old one was no longer supported by our development tools.
  • Data conversion from really old DeepMeta versions no longer supported:
    - If you're still using DeepMeta v1.4.x or older and you upgrade to Win v1.6 b1, your local database will NOT be converted: make sure to send your local changes and uploads to iStock first.
    - If you're already using DeepMeta v1.5.x, then your local data will remain intact.
  • Enable "fetch file data from iStock" for deactivated files as well (only implemented for the "single" fetch with right-click!).
  • Fix: CreateThumbLinks did not save to disk, so if you would quit DM before sending updates to iStock, you lost these edits.
  • Fix: Crash when malformed proxy address provided (non-recoverable, since it happens upon each startup!).

Changes in v1.5.12 (January 30, 2012)

Windows & OS X

  • Support added for new "Moderate" Audio sub-type. Also solves bug where hiding all Audio files did not hide Audio files of this type.
  • Additional fields added to CSV export.
  • Added CSV Export section to the Getting Started section.

Changes in v1.5.11 (January 27, 2012)

Windows & OS X

  • Bugfix for false error message when the words "City", "Country" or "Date" were used in the Editorial caption in the File details window.

Changes in v1.5.10 (January 11, 2012)

Windows & OS X

  • Placeholders for Editorial uploads (COUNTRY, CITY and DATE) are now shown as "Country", "City" and "Date". The use of All-CAPS made some users assume that these items needed be entered as all-CAPS. This is not the case, and in fact, files will get rejected when Country, City or Date is specified in full capitals.
  • Bugfix for "Parse error" when a password with special characters was used in DeepMeta.
  • Bugfix for Duplicate uploads under certain conditions when an Upload interval is specified.

Changes in v1.5.9 (December 11, 2011)

Windows & OS X

  • It is now possible to export File data from DeepMeta: select 2 or more files in the File list, right-click (or Ctrl-Click on Mac) and click "Copy". This will copy the data as CSV (Comma Separate Values) to the system Clipboard. You can then switch to another application (e.g. file editor or spreadsheet software) and "paste" the data from the clipboard.
  • Support added for PhotoPlus collection: You can now add a new column to the file list: "PhotoPlus". This was already available in the Mac version, and now also on Windows.

Changes in v1.5.8 (November 10, 2011)

Windows & OS X

  • New File column added: "Adult content". To add this column to the File list: right click the list header and select "Insert/move column" | "Is Adult Content".
  • Original date now extracted from file IPTC data if not found in EXIF data. This date is used as suggested date for Editorial Files in the UI.

Changes in v1.5.7 (October 9, 2011)

Windows & OS X

  • Removed all references to "Allow prints" options. Conform with the site changes, this is no longer an optional item.
  • Additional work-arounds added for encoding problems in the iStock API. Foreign characters in Descriptions should now tranfer correctly. In Editorial Caption, they are substituted with "look-alike" characters, which is the best we can do until the iStock API is fixed.

Changes in v1.5.6 (September 29, 2011)

Windows & OS X

  • Removed all references to "Extended license" options. Conform with the site changes, this is no longer an optional item.
  • Bug fix: when adding new images to DeepMeta, imported IPTC keywords that were not yet in use for other files could get lost, if the program is closed immediately after.

Changes in v1.5.5 (August 10, 2011)

OS X only!

  • Service release: uses a more recent library for better OSX Lion compatibility.

Changes in v1.5.4 (July 22, 2011)

OS X only!

  • Bugfix: program exited when requesting a data update to iStock (F6). Is now fixed.

Changes in v1.5.3 (July 21, 2011)

OS X only!

  • This version supports OSX Lion (v10.7). On the other hand, OSX Tiger (v10.4) is no longer supported. This is because our tool/library vendors have decided to stop supporting it.
  • When creating Thumbnail links and not sending the data to iStock before exiting DeepMeta, then those changes got lost. This is now fixed. The same goes for "Find and Replace" changes.
  • Update of the Category list with the latest version from iStock.
  • Support added for PhotoPlus collection: now has its own icon in the Collection column. You can also add a new column to the file list: "PhotoPlus"
  • Data for Deactivated files can now be fetched from iStock. This is useful for files that were re-activated.
  • Find and Replace now properly shows previews of the changes in the right hand boxes.
  • Some minor fixes and optimizations.
  • Note: When upgrading from really old versions (1.4.x or older), your local database will not be converted. If you're already using a version 1.5.x then your local database will remain usable.

Changes in v1.5.3 (March 31, 2011)

Windows only

  • UploadInterval setting was not persisted between startups: fixed.
  • Stock panel would hang in infinite loop after certain sequence of user operations: fixed.

Changes in v1.5.2

Windows only

  • Fix for slow program response when selecting more than 50 ... 100 items in the File list. This new version responds equally well even when selecting thousands of items. Remember you can also use Ctrl-A to select all items.

OS X only

  • Fix for Mac Holiday mode: free slots took much too long to be detected.

Changes in v1.5.1

Windows & OS X

  • File Details - General: Editorial Placeholders "[Enter City]", "[Enter Country]" and "[Enter Date created]" replaced with "CITY", "COUNTRY" and "DATE" to avoid confusion. I was informed that some users leave in the square brackets, which caused confusion for both Contributors and Inspectors.
  • Options/Preferences: setting "Remember password" now works correctly: if ticked of, it is now acknowledged. (prev version would always save the pwd).
  • AssetDetails - Categories: fix for "Delete All" button which caused the program to exit under certain conditions.
  • Several small fixes for better stability.

Changes in v1.5

Windows & OS X

  • Better recovery on local storage.
  • Better handling of JPG EXIF/IPTC metadata.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 11

Windows & OS X

  • Final fixes in the local storage system for better recovery.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 10

Windows & OS X

  • Several fixes in the local storage system: local changes, not updated to the iStock site should now be preserved in all circumstances.
  • Additional "reverse" encoding for the caption field to cope with the iStock API quirks. All special characters should now upload properly.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 9

Windows & OS X

  • Rename of some User Interface elements, such as "Images" -> "Files", since not all files are images.
  • Additional enhancements to the file storage system.

OS X only

  • Fix for selection being lost after editing a file.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 8

Windows & OS X

  • Image Details - General: Editorial Caption: If [Enter City] or [Enter Country] not substituted with the actual City and Country, this is now flagged as error.
  • Image Details - General: Editorial Caption example formatting slightly changed to match the format used by iStock Editorial article (used to use the format provded by Sirimo sitemail)
  • Fix: Logo Categories (and all audio categories) are now shown.
  • Fix: Some extra error handling if JPG file not found at time of upload + additional logging for remaining issues.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 7

Windows & OS X

  • Fix for keyword update with Custom Tags not always recognized by API.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 6

Windows & OS X

  • Image Details - General: Fix for empty editorial Country list after migration. Only read from file at next startup and beyond.

OS X only

  • Fix: Latest selected column sort now again remembered between program startups.
  • Fix: problems when importing Images or Releases from Smart-folders (such as the "Today" search) solved.

Windows only

  • Fix: iStock panel sometimes gave wrong count value for items in Queue or New list. Now corrected.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 5

Windows & OS X

  • Image list: Right-hand preview pane now also shows Editorial Caption, if available.
  • Releases: imported files for Model/Property-release or Consent documents may now also be in "png" format. DeepMeta will convert them to JPG for upload to iStock.
  • Extra logging to troubleshoot some remaining issues.

OS X only

  • The last directory path used for adding image and releases respectively is now remembered.
  • Fix for wrong Preview thumbnail, for newly added image after uploading or deleting the previous image (showed the thumbnail of uploaded image instead of the newly added).

Windows only

  • Fix: Path of last added image is now remembered properly.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 4

Windows & OS X

  • Image Details - General: example string for Editorial caption now more complete.
  • Image Details - Keywords: Fix: newly added keywords now again marked with a "star" icon.

OS X only

  • Stability problem should now *really* be fixed: sometimes crashed when adding keywords to a file.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 3

Windows & OS X

  • Adding keywords to a file without disambiguating them could lose the added keywords. Fixed.
  • The "changed" status of a file was sometimes incorrect after startup. Fixed.
  • Additional logging added for troubleshooting remaining issues.
  • When ticking the Editorial check box, the Caption field is pre-filled with the correct format: "City, Country, Date: xxx". We'll add better support as soon as Editorial guidelines are finalized.

OS X only

  • Stability problem fixed: sometimes crashed when adding keywords to a file.

Windows only

  • Checkbox "Shutdown when finished uploading" now works again as it should.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 2

Windows & OS X

  • Image details window: keywords. Shown Keyword-count value erroneously included non-selected keywords as well. Fixed.
  • Image details window: general. Editorial Caption field is now larger and multi-line.
  • Small UI errors fixed.

OS X only

  • Stability problem fixed: sometimes crashed during switching between tabs or at random list updates.

Changes in v1.5 Beta 1

Windows & OS X

  • This is a major release with a lot of internal changes, mostly related to the completely reworked storage engine. When you first start this version, your local DeepMeta database will be automatically converted to the new format.
  • Support for the new Editorial program, launched by iStock on February 1st, 2011.
  • More details will follow ...

Changes in v1.4.10

Windows & OS X

  • This is a small update to handle some changed URLs for exchanging image thumbnails with the iStock site.

Changes in v1.4.9

Windows & OS X

  • Main Image list: A new column can be added: "The Agency": this column shows a check box for all files that are in the new "Agency" collection.
  • Main Image list: The "iStock collection" column will now also show a blue Camera Icon for files which are in the Agency collection.

Changes in v1.4.8

Windows & OS X

  • Main Image list: Two new columns can be added: "Exclusive+" and "iStock collection":
    - The "Exclusive+" column shows a check box for all files that are in the new iStock Exclusive+ collection. Note that it is read-only. Adding files to the E+ collection is not yet possible in the iStock API, unfortunately.
    - The "iStock collection" column shows an icon, depending on what collection the file is: Dollar bin, Vetta™, Exclusive+, or no icon if the file is part of the regular collection.
    Note: You'll have to fetch all data from iStock to have these values initialized.
  • Model/Property release window: a preview of the release stitching can now be viewed for any set of releases. Select the desired releases in the list (use Ctrl-click and Shift-click for PC, Cmd-click and Ctrl-click on Mac) and then right click one of them to bring up the context menu. Click "View stitched releases in web browser". A JPG will be shown with all selected releases stitched together. You can use "Save as" in your browser/viewer to save the file. This is handy for users who don't upload with DeepMeta but would like to use it for easy stitching of their model releases. Note that the usual automatic stitching at upload in DeepMeta remains unchanged. This is just an extra feature.
  • Main image list: the "Error count" column now shows a warning triangle if errors exist for the file, along side with the number of errors.

Windows only

  • Window size and position is now also maintained for following windows: "Find & Replace", "Add Keywords" and "Send updates to iStock".
  • File Details window: Preview thumbnail is now shown completely (thumbnail was cropped of by 5% in previous versions)
  • Some minor window size issues fixed.

Changes in v1.4.7 (Windows version only)

  • Small display problem fixed: in the main image list, the type/status selection tick boxes were not always having effect. This is now fixed

Changes in v1.4.6

Windows & OS X

  • Image details - General: The Copyrigh fields "Name", "Email" and "URL" have been removed. iStock no longer allows these details to be set on a per-file-basis. The copyright info is now always taken from your online profile at the iStock site. More info here.
  • Options (Win) / Preferences (Mac): The Copyright fields have been removed: see above.
  • Copy & Paste: The tick-boxes for copying/pasting the copyright fields have been removed: see above.
  • iStock window: A new History panel now shows a list of all image and MR uploads, along with time/size info and detailed error reporting.
  • Image window: A new column can be added to the image list: "Dollar Bin". This column shows a check-mark for all files which iStockpohoto reports to be in the Dollar Bin. To add this column to the Image list: right click the list header and select "Insert/move column" | "Dollar Bin". You'll have to fetch all data from iStock to have these values initialized.
  • iStock window: The order of the items in the Upload Queue are now kept between restarts of DeepMeta. They used to be resorted by ID at startup in older versions of DeepMeta.
  • iStock window: The "Holiday mode" now checks for new upload slots every 30 minutes. Previous versions checked once per hour.
  • iStock window: When a minimum upload interval is set and an upload fails, the interval will now be honored before attempting the next upload.
  • A first collaboration feature has been added, facilitating DeepMeta users to safely manage keywords for fellow contributors. More details here.

Windows only

  • iStock window: this window is totally reworked, now using traditional grids for the New File list and the Upload Queue. The older system had performance problems if many non-uploaded files were present. Functionality in these lists, by the right-click context menu, is now the same as for the main file list. This means you can now delete items, edit them, etc, just as in the main list. To use the new system: select one or more files from the "New" list and click the ">>" button to move them to the upload queue. Of course, full "drag & drop" support would make the process more intuitive and is something planned for the future.
  • New color scheme (it's spring here, time for a new look...)

OS X only

  • iStock window: New files added to the DeepMeta upload queue are now always placed at end of the list. Order versions for OS X always sorted items by ID. The Upload Queue sorting now works the same across all platforms.

Changes in v1.4.5

  • Options window: you can now also use your email address instead of your iStock username as credential. This capability was introduced for the iStock site login, and is now also abailable in DeepMeta.
  • Bugfix: older versions would give an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in case you entered your email address instead of your actual iStock username in the Options dialog. This now fixed.

Changes in v1.4.4

  • Image window: A new column can be added to the image list: "Has Release". This column shows a check-mark for all files which iStockpohoto reports having a model/property release. To add this column to the Image list: right click the list header and select "Insert/move column" | "Has release". The value of this column is updated with each "Fetch statistics" or "Fetch All data" action. Note that it is different from the already existing column "Number of attached releases", which only reflects the local DeepMeta situation.
  • Multi-language keywording added. The "Options" window now has a selection list for the Keywording language. This setting is also directly accessible in the window where you add new keywords to a file. This setting works the same as at the iStock site: it determines how your entered keywords are interpreted (e.g.: some words have different meanings in UK and US English), and also determine the language that the CV terms are shown in. Note that if you switch languages after using another language, you will see a mix of both languages in your keyword terms. You can issue a "Fetch All data" to set all your keyword terms to the currently selected language.
  • Image window: Using Ctrl-C to copy an item from the list, now also copies the keywords from that file to the Windows clipboard. This behavior is now identical as when you right-click the file and slelect "Copy"
  • Bug fix: when an invalid/corrupt response is received from the iStock servers for certain requests, DeepMeta now handles this properly, instead of exiting with the message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Changes in v1.4.3

  • Support added for Logo files. Upload is not possible through DeepMeta (the iStock server API does not support this yet), but already pending/accepted Logo files can be edited in DeepMeta.
  • Some minor stability improvements.

Changes in v1.4.2

  • Upgrading from a recent version to this one will keep all your local DeepMeta data intact: files, edits and unfinished uploads.
  • This is a minor upgrade with no new functionality. It is mostly required because the iStock API servers will be changing soon and will need to be reached at new addresses. There are also a lot of internal changes to allow sharing of code between the Windows and Mac versions.
  • Image details window: general. Better handling of the "SourceMedia" field: now always sends the value to iStock which the user has selected in Image details. "Fetch from Stock" no longer overwrites the selected value. Note that when fetching portfolio in empty database, sets SourceMedia to unknown (shown as Digital in the UI). API does not provide this data, so we have to do something.

Changes in v1.4.1

  • Small fix in the upgrade code. Some users had reported that v1.4 threw away their existing local data (edits/uploads). This release should hopefully fix this for new upgrades.
  • Items in the DeepMeta upload Queue list now keep their order when switching between tabs.

Changes in v1.4

  • iStock uploads: Uploads now use new iStock servers. The old ones died with "Gateway timeout" errors which apparently could not be fixed. The good news should be that the new ones are more reliable. We'll see.
  • iStock window: The 2 Vetta™ related table columns now give the correct info (file is nominated / file is in Vetta™). Thanks Theasis for the black-magic hint...

Changes in v1.4 Beta 1

  • iStock window: A few more choices in the Upload interval drop down list (4,5 and 8 hr added)
  • iStock window: a new box, titled "Available Vetta™ nominations" shows the current status. Click the refresh button to fetch the latest status from the iStock site. Click the "?" button for a detailed explanation of the shown values.
  • Image window: 2 new columns can be added (right-click the column header and select "Insert/move column"): column "Vetta™", indicates that the file is in the Vetta™ collection. column "Nominated (for Vetta™)", indicates that you have nominated the file for the Vetta™ collection. Note that you will only see that flag set if you have nominated the file in DeepMeta. Note that you can only do this for files BEFORE you upload them to iStock.
  • Image details window: general. Vetta™ support: a checkbox now allows new files to be nominated for Vetta™. For files currently in the Vetta™ collection, the checkbox shows: "In Vetta™ collection".
  • Image details window: general. Checkbox "Allow subscriptions" removed. Is now obsolete, since iStock automatically opts all files in for Subscriptions.
  • The categories of audio files are now recognized by DeepMeta. This means you can now finally edit the data of your Audio files in DeepMeta: change title, description, edit keywords and select new categories. Note that uploading of audio files is still not supported, and that you can only pick audio categories from those already used in your portfolio. That should not be a big problem in most cases.

Changes in v1.3.2

  • "Fetch statistics from iStock" and "Fetch all from iStock": automatic retry when errors occur at the iStock site during the process.
  • "Fetch statistics from iStock" and "Fetch all from iStock": window state of the progress window is now stored (in addition to the size and position).
  • "Fetch statistics from iStock" and "Fetch all from iStock": now first fetches and displays the latest account details, before fetching the actual file data.
  • "Fetch statistics from iStock" and "Fetch all from iStock": file data is now fetched, starting with the more recent files first. Note that the update happens in batches of 100 files and the parallel nature of the DeepMeta engine will result in a not strictly linear order.
  • Image details window: general. Updated detection for duplicate words in a title. Better compatibility with criteria used by iStock.

Changes in v1.3.1

  • "Fetch statistics from iStock" and "Fetch all from iStock": better handling when errors occur at the iStock site during the process.
  • "Fetch statistics from iStock" and "Fetch all from iStock": size and position of the progress window is now stored.
  • Image details window: keywords. Small bug fix in the Optmize function.

Changes in v1.3

  • Update for suddenly changed interface of the iStock API for retrieving file statistics and data. Without this update, the iStock API would only return the first 20 items of a portfolio.

Changes in v1.3 Beta 4

  • Update for changed interface of the iStock API for retrieving file statistics and data. This beta version is almost identical to the final 1.3 version.
  • Although the release of this AOI change by iStock was very sudden and broke existing software functionality, the good news is that this change should do away woth the spurious "Error 504: Gateway timeout" that some users were getting with very big portfolios when getting image data from the iStock API.

Changes in v1.3 Beta 3

  • iStock window: Fix "Next upload in x minutes" display for times longer than 1 hour.
  • Added Image list: added right click menu option: "View in web browser: Re-submit page". Note that, due to a bug in the iStock API, DeepMeta does not know whether the file can actually be resubmitted. In any case, you will be able to find the rejection reason on that page, so it should be universally usable.
  • Minor fix in F5 result list: files that are in the "Unfinished" state (unfinished uploads, are no longer reported, to keep the list clean and uncluttered.

Changes in v1.3 Beta 2

  • Improved Upload handling: you can now specify a minimum interval between uploads. Select this from the dropdown list on top of the iStock panel.
  • Image window: When the user requests "Create thumbnail links" and some of the selected images are not yet active (e.g. they are pending or rejected), then a small explanatory text is shown to explain why not all selected images will be linked.
  • Fetch all statistics from iStock (F5): Cleanup of the results list shown: purged and rejected files are no longer mentioned.
  • Image window: Audio files are now again recognized by DeepMeta as such (iStock has renamed these in the API)
  • An extra security has been built in: files with errors (description, keywords, categories missing) can no longer be updated to iStock. We no longer rely in the iStock error handling for this.
  • File details - Keywords or Category panels: Fix: When using "delete all", the Error status was not updated. Now fixed.
  • File details - Keywords: Optimize will now leave custom tags (with no term assigned yet) active. Previous releases would delete these, but now DeepMeta will actually request creation of these custom tags to iStock and they will be registered at iStock.

Changes in v1.3 Beta 1

  • Image window: Wishlist item W150: Re-import (replace) of high resolution files added. For files that are not yet uploaded, this new feature can be used to refresh already existing files in DeepMeta with a new updated copy of the JPG high resolution file.
  • Image window: Copy & paste: now also possible for Copyright Name, Email and URL.
  • Image window: After startup, the image list is now active, so that the mouse scroll wheel can be used without clicking the list first.
  • Image window: Wishlist item W149: Right-click menu item "View in browser" is now disabled when all of its sub-items are disabled
  • Image window, Add images: Files eligible for the new XXXL format (5600 x 3700 pixels, or equivalent), are now recognized and reported as such upon adding them to DeepMeta.
  • Tools window: new features:
    - Now supports up to XXXL size
    - New dropdown allows setting the max size shown (set this to max size supported by your camera)
    - New "swap" button swaps width & height
    - Last width & height from previous session remembered.
  • Image details window, Keywords: Wishlist item W69: Addition of new tags (user-tags), which are not in the iStock CV (Controlled Vocabulary), is now supported.
  • Image details window, Categories: Wishlist item W103 (partial): If there are more than 3 categories selected, the top 3 are shown in green with a message below, saying that only the top 3 will be sent to iStock.
  • Ratings & comments window: Wishlist item W129: The Image Details window can now be opened from the Ratings list as well, by pressing the Enter key for a selected rating, double-clicking or selecting "Edit" in the right-click popup menu. This way, if you get a comment/rating for a particular file, you can immediately check out the file properties.
  • Image window: Wishlist item W120: A new menu item has been added in the right-click popup menu, to re-upload a model/property release for a file. As long as the file has not yet been inspected, this feature can be used to replace the release with a new one, or when the automatic upload of the release has failed. You cannot use this to fix files which are rejected for missing property releases, since that is not supported by the iStock API.
  • Image window: Wishlist item W128: The right hand preview pane now lists the attached model/property releases, if any.
  • iStock window: Wishlist item W65: The number of items in the 2 lists are now shown at the top of each list.
  • Image details window, General: Wishlist item W139: The Source media type can now be set for new files before upload: Digital media or Scanned film. Note that the iStock API does not return the media types, so these will be listed as "unknown" after fetching the data from the site.
  • Image window: minor fix: If the user tries to Paste a file onto itself, the "Paste" menu item is now disabled, as it should be.
  • Image details window, Releases: minor fix: The "Why is this list empty" hyperlink for an empty list now actually shows some info.
  • Image window: fix: The "Find" option did not search in file titles, even though this was mentioned on help panel for Find. Now titles are searched too.
  • Image window and Ratings & comments window: fix: The "Find" help panel now mentions that categories are searched as well.
  • iStock window: fix: new work-around for Description, encoding of special/foreign characters.
  • Image window: Bug report B2: If thumbnails are missing for some files, the next fetch from iStock will detect this and will try to download the missing ones. Also works with single right-click fetch.
  • Image window, Add images: Bug report B5: Sometimes keywords, imported from IPTC contained a false concatenated keyword. This happened when the keywords were in the file as both IPTC and XMP. Is now fixed.
  • Image window, Add images: minor fix: The reported number of keywords is now correct, also counting the not-yet-disambiguated ones.

Changes in v1.2.6

  • Image list - Copy & Paste: new check box added for description: choice between overwriting or appending the original description.
  • Fix in Image Details window: descriptions containing a '%' character followed by 2 digits are not properly handled by the iStock API. This version of DeepMeta has a work-around. This is useful for descriptions containing links to iStock searches.
  • Fix for audible click on some systems, when the preview panel was updated (Image list and Image Details window).

Changes in v1.2.5

  • The use of the '>' character in descriptions now no longer results in an error "Invalid, no HTML allowed" when updating to iStock.
  • Image Details window: Auto-refresh checkbox added for the description preview panel. When turned off: use the Refresh button for on-demand refresh of the preview panel.
  • Some minor fixes in the description Preview panel display.

Changes in v1.2.4

  • This release was needed to cope with an unannounced change in the iStock API site behavior for foreign characters in Descriptions.
  • If you are using accented characters in your iStock data, then upgrade to this version!

Changes in v1.2.3

  • Find and replace: it's now possible to specify a new-line character by entering "\n" (backslash-n) in the Find or Replace entry box.
  • Find and replace: the preview list now also shows the status of a file
  • Find and replace: replacing many files can take some time on slower systems. During this process, there is now a progress bar and Cancel button.

Changes in v1.2.2

  • Image details window: description text box size can now be changed and a Live right hand Preview panel has been added.
  • Image list: Preview panel now has same dimensions as box used at iStock, so that preview is a better match.

Changes in v1.2.1

  • Fix: Some display/scaling problems fixed for systems where screen is set to a high-DPI mode, i.e. different from the standard 96 DPI.
  • iStock panel: The iStock Upload limits figures are now also refreshed after the last upload of a batch.

Changes in v1.2

  • Image panel: MP (Mega pixel) size for added images is now shown/calculation, corresponding to industry standard, by assuming 1MP = 1000*1000 pixels, instead of 1024*1024.
  • Statistics panel: Fix. Switching to other filter in the dropdown or changing the date range after sorting, will no longer show wrong results, but will reset any sorting.

Changes in v1.2 RC 1 (Release Candidate)

  • Image panel: Fix: After editing a file, the list is refreshed, so that any filter words are re-applied to the changed data.
  • Statistics panel: Fix. Now provides enough room for the left hand grid. Previous versions would crop the table and show scrollbars under certain conditions.
  • Statistics panel: Fix. Switching to other tab after sorting the grid, and returning, will no longer show wrong results, but will reset any sorting.
  • iStock panel: Fix. When iStock returns a Free-slot limit smaller than the returned Used-slot value, DM will now show "0" Free slots, instead of a negative value.
  • iStock panel: Bug fixed where a file could appear in both lists at the same time (left-hand New and right-hand Upload Queue lists) (was filed as Bug #B16)
  • General: All calls to the iStock API server will now retry up to 2 times, instead of 1. File Uploads now have up to 3 retries, and so do Model/property Releases

Changes in v1.2 Beta 4

  • New: Holiday upload mode. DeepMeta now checks your Free upload slots before each upload. If no more slots available, DeepMeta will automatically contact the iStock server every hour, and will continue uploading as new upload slots become available, untill all files are uploaded. Go ahead, make that long-deserved 2 week holiday-trip, while DeepMeta uses every single one of your upload slots and keeps iStock those inspectors busy! Be rich and famous by the time you get back...
  • Ratings window: Filter box added
  • Release window: Filter box added
  • Image details window: larger font for Title & Description boxes
  • Image details window: the Enter key no longer closes the Image details window. Click the OK or Cancel button, as appropriate. This allows simply using the Enter key to add new lines to the description field or to activate the Filter box, just to name 2 examples.
  • Image details window: Filter box added to the Release assignment tab panel.
  • All lists: right clicking on a list item now selects the item, if it's not part of the already selected items. This simplifies the righthand click popup menu.
  • Fix in iStock communication: Titles with "foreign" characters are now properly exchanged with iStock.

Changes in v1.2 Beta 3

  • Fix: The changes in Copy and Paste, introduced in v1.2 Beta 1 had an error, in case keywords are copied, with the "Overwrite" checkbox ticked. In that case, not all keywords were pasted. This is now fixed.

Changes in v1.2 Beta 2

  • Image details window: fix for the Wishlist item W10 introduced in previous version: Show Non-CV tags in different color. The "custom" tags are shown in a blue panel instead of green. A number of tags, such as the "Isolated on xx" series, were inadvertendly marked as "custom". Is now fixed.

Changes in v1.2 Beta 1 (compared to v1.1)

  • Image window: Bug report B13: Duplicate keywords through Cut & Paste (only different in upper/lowercase). Fixed.
  • Image window: Bug report B4: DeepMeta calculation for DL/month, $/Month, etc. did not match the iStock values. Fixed.
  • Image window: Wishlist item W118: Format of "% in Totals" header bar now has more precision: e.g. "12.3%" instead of "12%".
  • Image window: Wishlist item W82. Filter option added to go to file ID: just type the ID in the filter box and hit enter.
  • Image window: Wishlist item W121: Keyboard shortcuts to go to start and end of image list
  • Image window: New columns can be added to the image list: Copyright name, email and URL
  • Image window: Wishlist item W13: Easier add-to-queue: right click on file(s) in the image list and choose "Move to Upload Queue".
  • Image window: Wishlist item W71: Filter whole word only
  • Image window: Wishlist item W47: A new column with original file path + name can be added to the list.
  • Image window: Wishlist item W124: Correct the preliminary Upload date TZ.
  • Image details window: New "Optimize keywords" feature added: click the Optimize button on the Keywords dialog, and all redundant tags are automatically deleted for you. Actually, they are deactivated (box turns gray and is disabled), so you could re-activate some if you'd like to. Try it out, and you'll be surprized how many unnecessary tags you have. Remember that only the selected "Terms", the words in the Controlled Vocabulary are relevant to searches. Optimizing your set of keywords will reduce the number of used tags, and will give your file a better position in the BM (Best Match) results. (OK, this is unconfirmed gossip ;) ). In any case, you'll have a better overview. Feedback on this new feature is welcome.
  • Image details window: Wishlist item W72: Enforce Copyright Name and Email to be filled out. Copyright info now also on Image Details window: can be edited for each file.
  • Image details window: Wishlist item W10: Show Non-CV tags in different color. These "custom" tags are now shown in a blue panel instead of green. A custom (non-CV) tag is a tag that is not in the iStock CV, and is marked with a small explanation mark triangle on the file edit page at the site.
  • Ratings & comments window: Bug report B8: Ratings & comments tab sometimes completely empty. Fixed.
  • iStock window: Renamed "Fetch updates from iStock" button to "Fetch statistics" Removed the related "Refresh all data" checkbox, and added a new button "Fetch ALL data". Also added the corresponding menu item under the "main menu | iStock" option. Added additional info on the "Fetch data" progress dialog, to make it more clear what sort of fetch is done, and what the consequences are.
  • iStock window: A "Fetch ALL data" will now skip any Purged files, as well as Rejected/Deactivated files older than 6 months. The time criterion is to prevent that we don't receive the status update of files that might be reactivated or whose rejection was overturned by Scout.
  • Fix for foreign characters such as "�, �, �, �, �, �, �". See: Bug report B1. There is an encoding problem in the iStock API and this fix at the client side is an attempt to circumvent it. Please report your findings.
  • DeepMeta now supports HTTP compression for faster networking. Unfortunately, the iStock API doesn't. At least the fetching of ratings and comments should benefit.
  • DeepMeta now properly handles usernames which have leading or trailing spaces in them. This is needed because apparently some iStock usernames start or end with a space.
  • The shortcut key for "Fetch statistics" [anyone have a better name for this??] remains F5, and a new shortcut was added: Ctrl-F5 for the "Fetch ALL data"
  • The "Check for updates" dialog (under Help main menu item) now has a checkbox "Also check for Alpha/Beta versions". For people who want to be notified of Alpha/Beta software as well as the final releases. When checkbox unchecked, new Alpha/Beta versions will not be reported (default).

Changes in v1.1 (compared to Beta 6)

  • Image window: Add Column entry for "IsGettyUpload" column removed: Starting June 6th, Getty uploads are no longer done through iStock.
  • Image details window: Checkbox "Is Getty upload" removed (same reason as above).
  • Image window: Column for "Allow Subscriptions" can now be added: right-click on the list header and select: Insert/move column | Allow subscriptions.
  • Image details window: Checkbox "Allow Subscriptions" added. Allows setting/clearing this option for each image individually.
  • Image details window: Live counter for number of characters in Description shown.
  • Image window: Right-hand Preview pane now shows the description in a fixed width frame, matching the current width at iStock. This way the layout more closely matches that on the site.
  • Image details window, Keywords: if more than 50 keywords are entered, a remark is shown that only the first 50 will be sent to iStock.
  • Image details window, Categories: if more than 3 categories are selected, a remark is shown that only the first 3 will be sent to iStock.

Changes in v1.1 Beta 6

  • Image window & Ratings window: Two new shortcuts added:
    - Ctrl-E opens a browser with iStock Edit page for the image
    - Ctrl-B opens a browser with iStock View page for the image
  • Image window & Ratings window: if the original file path for an image is known, it is shown in the right-hand preview pane (was already so in previous version), but now, if the image still exists, the path is a hyperlink that can be clicked to open that original file. Attention: first click once to activate the preview pane, then click a second time on the hyperlink itself.
  • Options dialog window: Extra proxy option: force off. Also the current system default proxy (taken from Internet Explorer settings) is now shown, if there is one.
  • Bugfix: several fixes in Options dialog "Test" functionality and in Proxy handling in general.
  • BugFix: finally (!), the "Out of memory" fatal error, popping up after intensive editing, should now be fixed. This was caused by a very hard to trace "memory leak" in the program. Many thanks to Andreas Suurkuusk for his invaluable help in tracing this one!

Changes in v1.1 Beta 5

  • File uploads and updates will now have the "Subscriptions" flag set. Previous versions of DeepMeta would clear the flag ever since the iStock site update of May 25th. This new default should probably be OK for 99.99% of the users. A future version will give full control of this flag on a file-by-file basis.
  • Image window: "Original file path" added (if available) at bottom of the Image list right-hand info pane, for currently selected image
  • Some changes to which files can be updated to iStock. Updating files which are in "Pending Executive" status is now possible. Updating files which have not yet been uploaded is now prohibited: this made not sense and resulted in an error message.
  • Text added to Release panel:
    "Attention: only add JPG scans of individual Model or Property releases. Not JPG files with already 'stitched' (combined) releases."
    "You can assign more than one release to a file: DeepMeta will rescale and stitch the individual releases for you."
  • Bugfix: When image files are added which are Read-Only, e.g. because they were copied from a CD, DeepMeta will now mark its own local copy as Writeable. Otherwise the file could not be deleted.

Changes in v1.1 Beta 4

  • Image list: new right-click popup menu entry added: "View in web browser", with sub-entries: "iStock Edit page", "iStock View page" and "Uploaded Stitched model release".
    The latter allows you to have a look at the stitched JPG file that was automatically generated by DeepMeta at upload of a file with multiple model/property releases. Note that this option is only available for already uploaded files having more than 1 release attached.
  • Rating list: new right-click popup menu entry added: "View in web browser", with sub-entries: "iStock Edit page", "iStock View page" in addition to the already existing option to view "iStock profile page for rating-member".

Changes in v1.1 Beta 3

  • Audio files are now recognized and supported for editing of keywords and other metadata. No uploading of audio yet.
  • Image window: An extra filter check-box has been added for Audio files.
  • Image window: An extra column can be added: Type (Image, vector, video, audio, ...)
  • More efficient use of the screen space by the keyword disambiguation panels in the Image detail window.
  • Internal database management improvements.

Changes in v1.1 Beta 2

  • Image window: New preview panel, at right hand side of the image list. Shows a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) preview of the description field, along with thumbnails and other UBB content.
  • Release window: Now shows 100% size preview of the Model/property release in the right hand panel.
  • Image details window: Now 2 buttons available: "View web page" and "Edit web page", instead of only "View web page" for launch of the appropriate iStock pages in a browser window.
  • Vertical splitter-bars on Image/Rating/Release windows now keep their position between program starts.
  • Better handling of very large image files being added to DeepMeta, e.g. files created by stitching images for panoramas.
  • Optimizations, resulting in more stability and less memory requirements.
  • New networking code, for more reliable communication with the iStock servers.
  • Better progress bar update for the "Fetch updates from iStock" dialog window.
  • Fix: Resize of "Fetch updates" dialog window now properly moves the "Also refresh available slots" checkbox.

Changes in v1.0

  • This is the very first final release of DeepMeta. It is identical to the latest Beta 14 version.
  • A big warm thanks to all enthusiastic Alpha and Beta testers, who have made this project possible!

Changes in v1.0 Beta 14

  • This is one of the last v1.0 beta versions. The feature-set has been frozen. This beta release contains only bug fixes and changes to allow for the upcoming Max OSX release.
  • New (final) logo for DeepMeta, to replace the original temporary one. Please also check out the new DeepMeta website, and its extensive and updated "Getting started" section, explaining all software features.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 13

  • Category window: New feature. Category suggestions (based on given keywords and mapped Disambiguation terms) can now be highlighted. Tick the checkbox "Highlight categories" on the image details - category panel.
  • "Add new images" functionality: Smart keyword split added. Some users have keywords in the image metadata which use a space character or semicolon as delimiter, instead of a comma. DeepMeta will now detect this and properly read the metadata.
  • Fix: In all lists, when doing a multi-select, using the Ctrl key, it's now possible to de-select an item by Ctrl-clicking selected items. This is a re-introduced feature: was added in 1.0 Beta 9, but did not work properly (had some visual side-effects).
  • Fix: Software now properly displays at non standard DPI screen resolution settings

Changes in v1.0 Beta 12

  • Fix: The problem with the image list that kept scrolling while Image details are edited is now "fixed". The price to pay for this is that the "Unselect with Ctrl-click" feature, introduced in Beta 9 had to go, hopefully to return in a newt version.
  • Minor change to the detection of .Net framework 2.0 Service Pack (Vista users now redirected to the 3.5 .Net install). No other changes.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 11

  • Fix: Categories now working properly again. There was a bug in beta 10 which would disable certain categories, depending on which keywords were assigned. This is now fixed.
  • A new startup check is now added, to verify if the .Net framework. 2.0 SP1 is installed. Users had reported unjustified 'out of memory' errors when this Service Pack was not installed. If not detected, the user is directed to the relevant download page at the Microsoft site.
  • Checks for duplicate words in the title and for counting title words now work the same as the checks at the iStock site (as far as could be verified).

Changes in v1.0 Beta 10

  • Image titles are now also checked for duplicate words and for starting with the word "A". Both are not allowed by iStock, and will be marked as error in DeepMeta.
  • When adding new keywords to a file, a check is now done to see if the same keyword already exists with different case (uppercase/lowercase). If so, the new (duplicate) keyword is not added.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 9

  • In all lists, when doing a multi-select, using Ctrl key, it's now possible to de-select an item by Ctrl-clicking selected items.
  • Fix: Network access changes in HTTP connection management to avoid the error "Timeout, error. The request was canceled. The request was aborted".
  • The About panel now shows the .Net version and the DataPath.
  • The About panel now has a link-button to clear the local DeepMeta database.
  • Fix: When a file has Model/property releases and is updated from iStockhoto, these releases are now no longer lost.
  • Fix: Items in the Image list now retain their position, independent on the chosen sort order.
  • Fix: Ratings window: comments without a rating were not fetched from iStock. Is now fixed.
  • Fix: Tooltip text on Stock window updated to mention that a fetch will updated Titles, but it takes "Refresh all data" to also update the description.
  • Release window: An extra column can be added: Use count (Number of files using the release).
  • Release window: Releases can now be deleted: right-click and Delete, or use the Delete button for the selected item.
  • Release window: Multi-select enabled for Releases.
  • Image window: Ctrl-A now selects all items in list.
  • Upload agreement window: fixed hyperlinks.
  • iStock panel: better handling of Upload agreement panel, when canceled (upload button is now in correct state after cancel).
  • New main menu item "Edit", with new feature: "Find and replace" for replacing text in image Titles and Descriptions.
  • New main menu item "iStock", with sub items "Fetch updates from iStock" (or F5 button) and "Send updates to iStock" (or F6 button).
  • The "Help | About DeepMeta" menu item is now also accessible with the F1 button.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 8

  • Fix: program could fail unexpectedly when working with the image list. Fixed.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 7

  • Image list: "Add Image": now also imports metadata from embedded XMP records (Title, Keywords) in the imported image file
  • Image list: multi select of images now shows thumbnails of all selected images in right hand pane.
  • Configuration window: Proxy settings now saved, even when they are disabled. Allows easy switch between proxy and non-proxy environments
  • Image list: Cut & paste window: now provides individual "overwrite" option for Keywords, Categories and Model/property Releases.
  • Fix: Image Details window: when user clicks cancel button but then responds No to the confirmation panel, the window is not closed. In previous version, it would close regardless.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 6

  • This is a maintenance update, to fix a change in the communication format with the iStock site. After updating to this version, it's best to do a "Fetch updates" with the "refresh all data" checkbox flagged.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 5

  • Rating window: New column can be added: "Image ID": is the ID of the rated image. Allows sorting of all ratings by Image.
  • Image windiw: the MayResubmit column is temporarily removed until iStock API fixed and returns the correct value.
  • Fix: Tools window: entry box for image height did not function correctly (only one digit could be entered). Now fixed.
  • Fix: Some users with username entered differently (upper/lower case) in DeepMeta than at the iStock site could no longer fetch/update image data. Is now fixed

Changes in v1.0 Beta 4

  • Images window list: Cut & Paste: new "Overwrite" option added. Will first clear any existing keywords/categories/releases before pasting the new ones.
  • Images window: "Add image" dialog now shows list of added files, along with size info (MP and iStock Medium/Large/XLarge/XXLarge) and number of read IPTC keywords (if any). If images skipped because they are too small or wrong extension, this is also mentioned.
  • Images window: Better image status handling: is now set to "ToEdit" or "ToUpload" after editing or Cut & Paste, depending on whether errors are found (e.g. missing title).
  • Images window: right-click menu for images now shows number of selected rows.
  • Images window list: 2 additional columns can be added: ErrorCount (number of errors, such as missing Title or too few keywords), and MayResubmit (whether iStock has marked a rejected file as allowed to be resubmitted). Right-click on the list header and click "Insert/Move column" to add the columns.
  • ImageDetails window: "Add keywords" dialog: clicking OK with an empty keyword box is considered a Cancel.
  • ImageDetails window, "Add keywords" dialog: when error retrieving DA info occurred: dialog is not closed, so that all typed keywords are not lost.
  • ImageDetails window: "View web page" button is now disabled for files that are not yet uploaded to iStock.
  • ImageDetails window: OK button is now disabled for files that are rejected or deactivated. Editing these makes no sense.
  • ImageDetails window: keyword language is now indicated with a flag icon, if different from English.
    Note that there is still a problem with entering 'foreign' characters in the "Add Keywords" box. (this is an iStock API problem, which has been reported, and will hopefully be fixed soon).
  • ImageDetails window: Larger font for "Add Keywords" dialog.
  • ImageDetails window: A special mention for the Description box: to add a new line in a description, you now have to press Ctrl-Enter, since the Enter button alone will activate the OK button for the entire Dialog window.
  • Ratings panel: Right-click menu item added for viewing the rating-member profile in web browser.
  • Statistics window: shown stats can now be filtered for a specific date range, to view the stats for just one month, or for a range of months.
  • Statistics window: chart now scales/resizes properly.
  • iStock window: Available Upload Slots meter values now updated after successful upload + new layout, showing Free as well as Used slots.
  • iStock window: Retry mechanism added to upload of files and releases. Currently set to max 2 retries.
  • iStock window: Shutdown on uploads finished added.
  • New main menu added: "Help | Check for updates": reports whether a new software version is available for download, and opens browser to the DeepMeta download page".
  • Status bar at bottom of main window now reports when a new version is available for download.
  • Better Tab order (order in which entry fields are visited with the Tab key) for most windows. OK button can now also usually be activated with "Enter" key and Cancel button with "Escape" key.
  • Fix: automatic recovery from invalid preference config file added.
  • Fix: At startup, while showing splash panel, the main window is no longer shown/active. Activating functions during Splash panel display could result in fatal errors with older versions.
  • Fix: Memory leaks should be fixed. Older versions would report "out of memory" after extended period of editing.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 3

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 18 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • Better handling of non-standard desktop DPI setting in Windows.
  • Tools tab-page added. The first of a few handy tools while post-processing your images. When you want to down-scale an image, you will probably keep an eye on the iStock size limits for Medium/Lage/XLarge and XXLarge sizes. Enter your image Width & Height in the corresponding fields and hit Enter: the corresponding iStock minimum sizes are calculated for you. Click one of the resulting Width or Height buttons to copy that value to the clipboard, for easy transfer to Photoshop or similar.
  • Statistics tab-page added. A statistics summary page, with overview of all your data in the local database. Left hand panel: choose the metrics to be shown in the table. All values are grouped by Status and Type (Image, Vector, Flash and Video). Hover your mouse over the curves/bars for read-out of the discrete values. Right hand panel: click the check boxes to select what to show in the graph. The "Yield curves" drop down list gives access to some experimental curves, showing e.g. total downloads for each file, in relation to the upload date. This results in a sort of "yield" or "fertility" curve, showing what upload periods had the highest yield. Useful? Maybe. Fun? Sure...

Changes in v1.0 Beta 2

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 18 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • Fix: Config panel didn't show any existing proxy Username/Pwd/Domain. These fields were saved allright, but were not pre-filled in the input boxes.
  • New option for "Add images" function: "Import keywords". Allows the choice to import keywords from the IPTC metadata of the added image file, or not.
  • Detail panels for Image Keywords, Categories and Releases now show number of selected/valid items in top right corner.
  • "Delete all" button added to Keyword panel.
  • Stock panel now only has 1 "fetch updates" button, with checkmark for optional "refresh all".
  • Stock panel now shows current Upload limits, fetched from iStock.
  • Miscellaneous Tooltips added to iStock tab page.
  • Better handling of non-standard desktop DPI setting in Windows.
  • Fix: documentation update regarding alpha/beta upgrading.

Changes in v1.0 Beta 1

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 18 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • Image Details panel now shows scrollbars when needed.
  • Keyword panel "Sort by status" button now takes new keywords into account and places them on top. Deleting keywords now no longer results in an immediate re-sort.
  • Options | Configuration now has settings for a proxy server + test button to try out a login.
  • Right-click header menu for adding/moving columns now shows with a check-mark which columns are already present.
  • New Right-click option for the header of the Image list: expand the header with statistics:
    - Show totals in header (for all items): e.g. for Downloads: shows the total number of downloads for all items, disregarding any filtering.
    - Show sub-totals in header (for all filtered items): e.g. for Downloads: shows the total number of downloads for all items shown in the list, taking into account the filtering.
    - Show % in header (sub-totals / totals): is the % ratio of sub-totals / totals.
    - If no filtering is active (no filter words present in the filter box), then totals = sub-totals.
    - In some cases, the average is shown instead of the total, e.g. for the "Rating avg" column. In those cases, it would make no sense to have the sum of all rating values.
  • Fix: new iStock API relead of Dec 5, 07 now returns correct ExtendedLicense status. Code for DeepMeta adapted accordingly.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 21

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 18 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • DeepMeta now uses the latest iStock API version (from Nov 28), and we're glad to report full support for the "Allow Prints" flag, and partial support for the "Allow all extended licenses" flag. The latter can be properly specified for Uploads and Updates of images. Unfortunately there is still a problem fetching this flag from the iStock site: it is currently always set, regardless of its state on the iStock site. I trust this will soon be fixed. I'll report when I have news.
  • When adding new keywords, the corresponding panels show a small "Star" button, indicating that these are new keywords (not yet disambiguated). The Star buttons disappear as soon as one of the terms is clicked, the delete button (with red cross) is clicked or when the star button itself is clicked. This serves as a reminder which keywords need to be checked. Any remaining Star buttons will be gone when the Image Details panel is closed and re-opened.
  • Multi-select in the Image list is now available: can be used for Delete, Cut&Paste, Fetch/Send from/to iStock. You can select multiple rows in the Image list, by holding the Ctrl key while clicking.
  • A simple tool has been added for creating Image thumbnail links between images. Select the image rows to link, right-click and choose "Create image links for selected rows". The appropriate UBB codes will be added at the end of the Description, resulting in small thumbnails + links. DeepMeta will detect for each image if it is already present in the description field. This is a very rudimentary implementation, but I decided to add it now, because so many users asked for it. The future DeepMeta "Series" functionality will be more powerful & flexible.
  • A check for descriptions longer than 2000 chars has been added. (is iStock imposed limit).
  • New Columns available to show: "Allow Prints", "Allow All Extended Licenses", "Is Getty Upload", "Number Of Attached Releases" and "Description Char Count". To add one or more of these columns: right-click on the Image list header and click "Insert/Move Column".
  • The context menu for adding columns to Image/Rating/Release lists is better structured, with related items now grouped
  • Fix: With Copy&Paste, now the target Image will no longer report that there are errors in the keywords or description.
  • Fix: Extra error handling added at startup, when creating/opening database/tables. When error at this stage: a diagnose window opens, allowing user to select a different directory for DeepMeta data and database storage. If tests are positive, future versions may make choosing the database directory available through a menu option.
  • Fix: The display of the Description field now properly handles line breaks in all cases. This time it really does; the previous version only fixed part of the problem.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 20

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 18 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • DeepMeta now uses the latest iStock API version (from Nov 21), and we're glad to report full support for the new Categories. The "Update to iStock" function now works properly again.
  • The category tree is now sorted alphabetically.
  • New column added for the Image list: "Categories": shows number of assigned categories in the Image list. To add this column: right-click on the Image list header and click "Insert/Move Column".
  • It's now possible to update the image data for individual images: right click on the image row in the Image list and choose "Fetch updates from iStock" or "Send updates to iStock".
  • The Copy command (from the Copy & Paste functionality) now additionally places a comma delimited (CSV) list of the image keywords on the Windows clipboard, for easy transfer to other applications.
  • On the Image details dialog window (the one you get by double-clicking a row in the Image list), a button was added, "View web page", which opens op the iStock profile page for the image in your default browser.
  • Fix: The display of the Description field now properly handles line breaks in all cases.
  • Fix: When a column is inserted/moved in the Image list, other columns now keep their widths.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 19

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 18 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. Make sure you first upload all new files and changes to iStock, before upgrading to this version. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • Filtering is now case-insensitive. This means you can use capitals in your filter words or not: The result is the same.
  • The "Quick and Full Fetch from iStock" window is now wider, can be resized, and gives the error reason when files have been skipped.
  • You can now open the Image details window with the Enter key, when an item is selected in the Image list. This function was already available through the Context menu (right-click on a row in the Image list, and choose "Edit"), or by double-clicking the row.
  • You can now delete an image with the Delete key, when it is selected in the Image list. This function was already available through the Context menu (right-click on a row in the Image list, and choose "Delete").
  • Cut and Paste copying is now available for Titles, Description, Keywords, Categories and Model/property releases. The initial implementation works in the Image list window only. Right-click on an image row in the list, and choose "Copy" to copy the Image info on the (internal) clipboard. Next you can copy this info to any number of files, by right-clicking, and choosing "Paste". You can also use Ctrl-C to Copy the currently selected image, and Ctrl-V to paste the info to the currently selected image.
  • The "Update to iStock" function now reports which files were updated and also any errors that might have occurred.
  • Final category system implemented. iStock has released the first part if its new Category support in the API, which means you now have the full official category tree at your disposal in DeepMeta. Unfortunately, categories can still not be fetched from existing images and also cannot yet be updated. This will be added as soon as the iStock API supports it.
  • When fetching from iStock, while some image data was changed locally and not yet updated, the software will now give the choice to overwrite these local changes or not.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 18

  • Note that, when upgrading from version Alpha 17 or lower, you will be asked if it's OK to delete the local database. Make sure you first upload all new files and changes to iStock, before upgrading to this version. You will have to do a full fetch from iStock to re-populate your local database.
  • New category tree update, to bring the software in line with recent iStock site changes. Note that there is still no support for categories in the iStock API, so the DeepMeta category system is a work-around with its limitations.
  • Some Status names changed into shorter, more meaningful texts.
  • Filter function for the Image list: enter one or more search words in the filterbox and hit Enter (or click the Filter button). Click the "?" button for help options. Clicking the "X" button will clear the Filter box. Note that for multiple words, all images will be shown which have all these words (or part of them) in their Keywords or DA terms. At a later stage, more options, such as "OR" will be added.
  • Problem with single quote (E.g. 12 o'clock) and other special characters in keywords solved.
  • Text added to "Add Keyword" window that an internet connection is needed, so that DA terms can be retrieved from iStock. Additionally, an error message is given when no connection was found.
  • Tooltips on column headers for Image and Ratings/Comments panels.
  • Sort status now saved between program restarts for Image and Ratings/Comments panels.
  • Directory path for "Add new Image" and "Add Release" now saved between program restarts. Each of both keeps its own individual path.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 17

  • Minor fixes

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 16

  • Improved startup speed.
  • New list implementation for Image/Rating- and Release panels. Only one type of view left over: detail list.
  • List setup (width, sorting) now maintained when switching between panels.
  • List configuration added: right-click on a column header to Remove/Add/Move columns, Fit column widths. To move column position: use the Add option.
  • List configuration now saved/restored at program exit/startup.
  • New columns available for Image panel: Number of keywords, Downloads/View, Royalty/View, Downloads/Month, Views/Month, Royalty/Month and Downloads/Keyword.
  • Preliminary Upload date now filled in right after upload.
  • Sort by Upload date now places not-yet-uploaded-files as most recent.
  • Check added: Only jpeg files accepted in "Add images" and "Add releases"
  • Menu item "File | Exit" now works.
  • Bug fixed for sporadic wrong thumbnails for newly added images
  • Bug fixed, where "Underlying connection was closed" error occurred in certain cases during upload. To be verified.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 15

  • Minor improvements on startup behavior (fix to problem introduced in previous version).

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 14

  • Better handling of the Cancel button for Quick and Full fetch.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 13

  • Bugs fixed: On some occasions, program would exit while doing a Quick or Full fetch from iStock. New thumbnail management to fix sporadic wrong thumbnail display.
  • Image list: full row selection added

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 12

  • Bug fixed: Some tasks, such as Upload and Quick fetch failed when they took longer to execute than 60 seconds.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 11

  • Bugs fixed: Switching tabs during uploads caused problems. Invalid characters in some keyword terms fixed
  • Rating/Comment list no longer shows ratings/comments for deactivated files
  • Better status feedback during Quick/Full fetch from iStock
  • Better status feedback for uploads

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 10

  • Bugfixes
  • Filtering checkboxes added for the Ratings/Comments list.

Changes in v1.0 Alpha 9

  • Bugfixes
  • Filtering checkboxes added for the Image list: filter by type or status.
  • Context menu added to Image list: right-click on an item in the image list for the context menu.
  • Images can now be deleted from the local DeepMeta database, through the context menu: right-click on an image in the list.